It's All About the Shoes!

Evidently it's all about the shoes. Eric has signed up for eight weeks of soccer himself! Now, if you've known him for some time, you know that he has played all through school and college. Heck, he was even the "Turkey Bowl" back in the 'good ole days'! But we've been out of college for........

okay, I'm blocking that out. Let's just say for some time. So this weekend we got him all prepped with flashy new shoes, socks, and an orange shirt to match his team. We are so excited to see Daddy play and I'm hoping to get some of pics of him bending over holding his side while he catches his breath on the turf running like he did back in college. Let's hope those runs to the park and back with the kids pays off! 

 Yes, he is my fourth child, and, most of the time, I'm thankful for his goofiness. Most of the time. 

Omi –   – (November 3, 2011 at 6:37 AM)  

His dad is my only child at home now.

Love and miss you all, XOXOXO


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