Catching Up!

Blogging? What's that? Sheesh! I haven't had time to blog lately. Mom and Dad left Sunday night to a tearful Ally.  And when Jake went to bed that night, he said, "I already miss Grammy and Poppy!". The good news is that they are coming back soon. Eric's parents and my parents are both coming for visits in December. With a full house of doting grandparents, we'll have to find a little time for schooling here and there! We had a great time though despite last week being the "wettest week of 2011".  Note, this week is beautiful and sunny! Grandparents and kids played Uno and Scrabble galor! 

We started back at school after a much needed break. Grant seemed to be moving through his science and history quickly so I purchased another history book (this one on American History) and a General Science book for him. His main science study this year is zoology. Anyway, I know giving a kiddo two textbooks to read for fun sounds like punishment. He's loving them though and asks to read passed the pages I've assigned for him. 

I've got some leftover pictures from when mom and dad were here, but they were just overdeveloped phone pics and didn't come out great.  So I leave you with one of Pop with the kids at Camp 18 (a logging camp turned restaurant and logging museum.   

How would you like to cut THAT tree down!

The Kings  – (December 1, 2011 at 9:02 AM)  

So hard to say goodbye to family. How blessed you are to be able to enjoy such frequent visits.

Glad you got your much needed break!

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