World Arthritis Day Support!

Tomorrow, October 12,  is World Arthritis Day! There are a number of ways to help out to increase Arthritis Awareness. The easiest way to participate is to wear blue, maybe....ALL BLUE? I believe I'll be looking for blue out of my "mommy wardrobe" tomorrow for sure. 

Another great way is to get a massage. Yes, indulging will actually help out the Arthritis foundation. For every Massage Envy massage, they will donate $10 to the Arthritis Foundation! I just found out about this one. A massage sounds really nice right about now considering we've had some wet weather that wasn't expected quite yet! Studies have shown a significant decrease in the level of pain and stiffness in RA and fibromyalgia patients with regular massages. You can click THIS LINK to find out more information about the benefits and where to go locally to find a participating spa for your massage to support the Arthritis Foundation. 

Another supportive way is to get involved in the 24,900 miles around the world campaign and get moving. Studies are clear in showing the benefits of exercise has on arthritis. I know it has kept my joints moving and I have a lot less pain when I keep up with exercising. You can click THIS LINK to read more about it and log into Facebook to keep track of the miles.  It starts now and ends October 31. I think my family and I may do this one. Eric, Ally, and Grant usually go for a jog every evening. It's usually Jake and myself following behind in more of a walking pace! But I'll admit,  I've missed a few of these family jogs as sometimes I take those minutes away from kiddos as my sanity. After all, a few minutes of peace and quiet is good!! This goal though, out to motivate me to get moving with them as well. I'll also be able to count our hikes on the facebook page as well. So, consider it! And help the Arthritis Foundation reach their goal of 24,900 miles! 

Rheumatoid Arthritis  – (October 24, 2011 at 2:39 AM)  

So good to see everybody getting behind the movement! World arthritis day is the best!

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