What? Where? Time to Vent

So we've been looking for another orthodontist here. I've been putting it off as long as possible as I had paid my last orthodontist for the braces, retainers, etc. and my dental coverage for braces is used up. My last orthodontist will not refund any money even though Allyson is not finished with her braces which means I get to pay out of pocket all over again to a new orthodontist. 

That's just sounds downright fun, doesn't it?

One of the docs we visited did another xray on her and wondered aloud why she had an adult tooth under the gum line and no place for it to go!  Now her bottom teeth will be lopsided and crooked if we allow it to come in. So we will have to visit an oral surgeon.  

(Counting to 10.......)

You have no idea how irritated I am that not only will I have to repay for the braces I already paid for, but my kid will have to have oral surgery because the doc overlooked a tooth and closed the teeth in overtop of it! The old orthodontist said she was about finished with braces and was just "tweeking" things before he put her into retainers.

 (breathe, Heather, breathe!)

Grant has had cavity issues and teeth/gum issues since he came home at 17 months old. He had three cavities filled under "laughing gas" at  around 24 months. Due to a difficult bite issue, I've gotten several opinions from orthodontists. Unfortunately, he will have a lot of metal in his mouth for quite some time throughout the years. He had a cavity filled and two crowns put in today. Oh, that boy worries me! He is so rough when he plays sports (and enjoys them so much) that I can only imagine how many times he is going to hit them or bang his mouth on the braces! 

Jake kept everyone (and I do mean everyone) entertained in the doc's offices. I went in to talk to the doctor in his office and came out to see Jake with doc's gloves on surrounded by three medical assistants who were giving him the undivided attention he demands. He shook hands with the doc upon his entry to the room and another hand shake while saying goodbye. For such a small guy, he does have a presence about him. He was irritated that I had not scheduled a "teeth amoinment" for him!   And three hours later......

Since he had so much work done and was numb on both sides of his mouth, we went to Jamba Juice when he could take some fluids in without drooling. The kids stuck with mango smoothies with some "immune boosters" and I had fresh squeezed orange juice with carrot juice and wheat grass. I think my breath may have smelled a little, uh, "earthy", but it was pretty darn good.  

I think the tooth fairy should pay parents if kids have to have braces. Maybe I'll write her a note and stick it under my pillow!

Omi –   – (October 5, 2011 at 5:56 AM)  

Tooth fairy idea sounds good to me.

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