Gym Class

We've been doing different things to fit in good ole gym class. Sometimes, they play soccer or basketball in the backyard. Sometimes, we head to the park and the kids ride bikes around the track. And sometimes, mean mommy makes them run the track! Ally and Grant have gone on a couple of runs with Eric as well. Today, we hiked! I kept my iphone with me, and Ally and I took some pics along the way. There were so many different trails in this particular park. We have to go back soon! 

Short fellas next to tall trees!

Black & White Looking up!

Crafty Miss is planning on doing something with those....don't know what!

This is straight from the iphone w/ no touch ups. Things are VERY green right now! Our hike went right along with our Bible lesson on different ways we can know God is real. One way is through His amazing Creation!


Ally thought the tree trunk was cool; a work of art.

Omi –   – (October 5, 2011 at 5:50 AM)  

Yes, our God is amazing! So glad he brought you to Eric. Beautiful grandchildren, beautiful pictures.

Love Omi

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