Don't Get Your Knickers in a Knot!

Today I had a yearly I.V. done. Nothing big at all. In fact, I had forgotten I was even on that med till my new doc asked me about it. So, it was scheduled for today. This bright, blue, crisp Autumn day. The weather was perfect, and I had to take note of the clear blue sky.

I sat down,  had my IV started, and started in on a good book. A lady came in for an infusion and sat down next to me, began crocheting,  and started chatting with the staff. Her conversation was heard by all because she didn't really stop to think that none of us in the infusion center wanted to be bothered with her. Her conversation continued on with a "death and dying report".   Mind you, I'm the youngest patient out of what appears to be 70-80 year olds sitting there, and I'm trying hard not to think about that fact on this beautiful day. The woman goes on and on about how her hands "ache" after she crochets for awhile or stitches the baby quilts".  She then proceeds to poignantly ask the staff why I am there and what medication I'm taking and how long it will take for me to get my meds!  She doesn't look my direction, acknowledge that I exist, or ask me.  The staff, remembering their patient privacy laws, avoids answering her direct questioning.  I didn't bother looking her way but kept to my book trying to ignore the annoying voice that wouldn't quiet.  It didn't matter, she kept on, even saying that she thought the doctor would give her a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis on her next appointment - How generous of him-  and how she was "glad to have that diagnosis".  My blood was boiling at this point. It was hard to concentrate on my book and keep to myself. Would she truly like to know about my twenty years of Rheumatoid experience? I about lost my pleasing personality.  She has no idea what she is saying or how stupid she sounds. 

All I wanted to say was "Foolish woman, Why don't you think before you open your mouth?".  Maybe she should think about someone besides herself! I usually don't get so worked up. Really, I don't. 
 I wouldn't have gotten my panties in a bunch if she hadn't pulled my medical condition and treatment into it. Then, it wouldn't be personal, and it would just be an imprudent, dippy woman. But she did pull me into it, she just didn't realize it. Nor did she realize how irritated I was with her. I really do not want to be reminded by a stranger no less what my medical condition is especially sitting there with an IV in my arm surrounded by people who are in the latter part of their life! 

Her infusion was super quick, and she left within thirty minutes leaving me to the tube in my arm and the thoughts in my head. Sorting out my thoughts, I tried to remember that you just never know what other people are going through. Maybe she wasn't really an obnoxious, nosey, impertinent, full-mouthed, asinine, offensive, cutting, rude, hasty, disrespectful woman. Maybe she came across that way today because of circumstances. Either way, two things helped to clear my head and move on. One, I walked out of the hospital on a clear, blue day with my kids in tow and feeling great. Two, I put pen to paper and trashed the rude, insulting stranger on my blog.  At any rate, my cognitive state feels much better.  Thank you, thank you very much! 
Maybe, I should have just said what my kids say," Shut your lip potato chip!" and then got back to my reading! Yep, I think that would have done it! 

Anonymous –   – (October 25, 2011 at 7:55 PM)  

You just don't let the self centered old bat bother you. Keep on smiling.
Uncle David

Omi –   – (October 27, 2011 at 6:00 AM)  

Insensitive and more.

Love you girl, Omi

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