Our Week in Review

Busy weekend! Our play date lasted all day on Friday. We had a great time together and ended up going to their house for ice cream later that night. We were up bright and early Saturday morning for soccer pictures and games all in different places. Allyson's games are much faster paced and she is playing on a more competitive team than she has in the past. Think of her as a "freshman" coming onto this team. She still had a lot of playing time and is doing well although a bit timid. We'll see if we can break her out of being timid a bit more. We need to find her aggressive bone! 

We watched some of Eric's softball game on Sunday morning for his company picnic and then the kids and I headed out for a little hike at a nearby park. I thought I'd throw in some pics of our week for our family to see! 

Don't mess with Bobofit or whoever this guy is! He kind of looks like a bobble head!

This is Jake thinking. I told him to try to say his blends by sounding it out in his head.

Grant's science project involved M&M's which, of course, was a benefit for all. He had A LOT of help completing this one!!

Ally wanted to mow the lawn and asked Eric if she could as he was walking out the door to work. Eric doesn't really remember saying yes. However, his new lawnmower now needs some oil and a little work. 

We met up for lunch after games and enjoyed some yummy Mexican food. 

Omi –   – (September 17, 2011 at 10:01 AM)  

Wow, we need our lawn mowed! Ally, tell mom anytime she can put you on the plane and I'll meet you.

Wait for me, I love Mexican food. I LOVE ALLY, GRANT AND JAKE! I am hug and kiss deprived.

Love Omi

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