Laundry, Geography, and......nannies?

We've just about made it through our first week of school with a full schedule. We've survived....really meaning, I've survived. We've accomplished a lot as Grant can tell you about Polycarp, John Oglethorpe, and Ignatius to name a few. Both Ally and Grant can tell you what year the burning of Rome happened and when the Pentecost occurred.  Science experiments and history projects are already scattered about. We're filled with declarative and interrogative sentences, multiplication tables and equations. Jake is counting by ones and tens, and he can identify the seven continents with little help. Yes, folks, we've accomplished a lot. I'm tired and I still have two loads of laundry and my lonely sock pile is multiplying out if it's basket!  

But tomorrow, we have a light load of work to do, and I've invited a stranger over. Ha! Guess that's how desperate I am for a friend that's nearby. There is a greeter at church that has emailed me several times and kind of connected me with another woman at church who has three children and lives in my neighborhood.  So, even though I haven't met her, I invited her over for a play date. I'm guessing since she took me up on my pleading - I mean- my offer, she can't think I'm too nuts! Right? I mean, my parents always said to be friendly and I'd have friends.  I've done this gig before. But it's difficult starting fresh in this friend department. I'm old. People my age are already settled neatly into their lives and mine just got turned every which way but up! Here's to friendship!

The kids have their first soccer games this weekend. Grant is so excited about playing goalie the first half of his game. He tried out for the spot (they really do that at 8?).  Allyson's game is midmorning, but the girls were told today that some of their games would be "under the lights" in the evening. They were pretty excited about that! I kind of am too! By the way, I'm discovering that more and more of these "soccer moms" have nannies. So maybe that's my problem. Maybe I should be friends with their nannies! I'd probably have a lot more in common! LOL

The Kings  – (September 9, 2011 at 6:45 AM)  

Wow! Sounds like a first great week! I am glad to be back into the routine of school but wow am I exhausted.

Hope your play date goes great. I remember my first year here and how hard it was making new friends and finding my place. I am praying for you through all of these transitions. :)


Kristi  – (September 9, 2011 at 11:09 PM)  

I pray your playdate went well this week. It is so hard to make new friends as a mom to school age kids.

Annie  – (September 10, 2011 at 12:02 AM)  

Aw Heather! I hope that your playdate goes great!!!! Too funny about the nannies! Really?? Wow! I would probably have more in common with them too! LOL!

Omi –   – (September 17, 2011 at 10:08 AM)  

I don't even do well making the first overture when making friends. I tend to keep my mouth shut. I admire your adventuresome side. Love the thinking Jake, he's such a character!

Love Omi

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