Kids Do the Darndest Things!

It's Sunday morning, and we are dressed a ready for church. There's Grant, singing karaoke into the microphone giving our neighbors a lovely wake up call while Jake dances and flips around enjoying the set. The entertainment went on for a while, and when I came back out into the hallway, I heard Grant say, "Thanks, folks. Give me five!". Now that's funny!

The other day, I was sitting with Allyson and looking through her pictures on her phone. She has some crazy ones she took of herself with peace signs, and normal twelve year old goofiness. We were laughing as we went through them and then I saw pictures of our front yard taken from the couch in the living room. Just randomness. Now, here's where you'd have to really know Allyson. She's nosy.  She can tell you where every minuscule  thing it in my mom and dad's house. Give her ten minutes in your house and she can tell you where everything is. I guess that should be a warning to all of you out there! 

Anyway, the rest of the pictures (about 5) were of my neighbor sitting in his minivan as he drove home from work! As if that wasn't bad enough, she said, "Mom, he just kept sitting in his car looking at me!". 
Oh my!!!!!!! Of course he did! It isn't everyday you get stalked, I mean photographed, as you come home from work!  My neighbor probably thinks he has a stalker! How embarrassing!!!! Oh Allyson, you do have a way of making your mom laugh!

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