The Saga Continues

I finally got a hold of the woman "managing"  the movers. Not to be confused with the person managing our entire move that hasn't done a blessed thing for us. We haven't heard from that person for a month or so.  Okay, back on track. The woman managing the movers said our load was calculated at 14,000 lbs. The weight ended up being 12,400 lbs. BUT, the truck driver was told it was 6,000 lbs and did not have the room for our things once he came to pick it up which still leaves us WITH.NO.DRIVER!!!  Get all that? That's right. Everything is still in JERSEY!

There is a chance (A CHANCE) that a driver headed to Washington will be able to take it Thursday or Friday then another 5 days after that for the actual delivery. Of course, this puts our delivery way past the date they said. In my frustration, I lost my darling personality and said I was irritated that I was "camping out in my house" while my three kids were sleeping in sleeping bags. Playing the sympathy card still did not get me a driver. However, she did call back to say that the president of the company felt terrible about our situation and told us to "book two hotel rooms right away" and they would pay for them and told me to "head right over". I was thinking how unhelpful that was and hung up the phone. Then I realized something....

I think that she missed the "in the house" part of my camping complaint! She thinks I have my family actually sleeping the wilderness or something! HA! Laughable considering I practically put it in my vows that I don't camp! I think the moving company is going to be paying for a lot of my inconveniences by the time I'm done with them. I now call them a couple of times daily and they should be very glad to get rid of me! 
Jake asked me today if they packed his Wii up. I told him that they did and that it would be here sometime. He said, "Mom, I JUST want my box of toys!" Poor kid must think his parents have lost their marbles trucking him away from everyone to live in a house without his belongings. The kids have really been troopers though and occupy themselves enjoying the outdoors. We have had some fun though. Last night we all played a couple of games of PIG on the basketball court till late. My family always has a good laugh at my lousy skills!
I headed to the grocery store today and as I walked in I thought how different it was that the grocery clerks didn't call my kids by name and say hello, how it was weird that I could go everywhere and not run into someone I know, and that I was just a stranger everywhere. About a 1/2 hour into my shopping trip, I hear, "Heather!".  The wife of the couple we went to dinner with while on our house hunting trip was there! What are the chances considering she lives in a different town?  So, I actually wasn't the stranger and I actually ran into someone I know, and I actually do kind of have a friend here! Not to mention that the young adults that stopped by my house to ask if I'd sign a petition against corn syrup were just the friendliest folk!  Really? A whole petition against corn syrup????

The Kings  – (August 10, 2011 at 8:45 AM)  

How frustrating all of this must be.

Praying for you as you make all of these transitions.


clairz  – (August 18, 2011 at 12:30 AM)  

I think you have an incredible sense of humor. You have made me laugh out loud with your growing collection of furniture donated through the kindness of strangers and your reaction to the corn syrup petition.

I think you have described so well the sensation of being lonely and without friends in a strange place, and I know how wonderful it feels to find one person that you have met before.

I will continue on with reading your adventures...

Kristi  – (August 23, 2011 at 2:11 PM)  

I'd have lost my charming personality with the movers too. Sounds like my refrigerator on backorder saga when we first moved in our house. But MUCH bigger...

And petition against corn syrup? Let me know how that one turns out...

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