New Friends

No, not MY new friends. The kids' new friends. Ally and Grant made it to soccer practice Thursday night. We missed the first of each due to my inability to keep three kids different practice times on different days straight AND get them there on my own at three different parks! Whew! Still with me?

Ally came home excited with names of new friends and said she had a great time. She is the youngest and one of the smallest on the team so she will have the challenge of "playing up" this year. I'm sure the extra push will make her an even better player. I was glad she was so happy and not uneasy at all about the newness of friends.

Grant did well at practice and loved showing off his skills. He IS a third grade boy after all. The other boys seemed very nice, and they had a great practice. I'm not sure if we will keep Jake in soccer this season or not. It's really going to be too much. I think handling two kids/different parks/different game times is enough. Jake is little enough that we can get him involved in a different group of some kind at a more family friendly time.

Yesterday we also packed up our belongings in the apartment and brought them over to the house. The kids camped out in their rooms with sleeping bags, and Eric and I had an airbed. Just so you know, that "QUEEN" size airbed is certainly a misnomer. There is nothing queen size about that thing! You should see the two of us fighting for space on it.

I also found out why this house is so set up for a family with kids with a playground area, b-ball court, fenced garden area, "locker" type closets in the garage, large laundry room, and school/office room. The previous family had SIX kids and moved to a 7,000 sq. ft. home so they could expand!

Over and Out from Oregon!

Unknown  – (August 7, 2011 at 11:21 PM)  

If a family of 8 needs 7,000 ft2...hmm...that means we need one 5.250 ft2. Laughable. I think our house was built more for a family of 3. Oh well. :)

Omi –   – (August 9, 2011 at 9:08 AM)  

I am so glad to hear of all the kindness and help that you're receiving. Not surprising to hear Miss Social is fitting in so soon.

Love Omi

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