In the Evening

 Once we junked up on beach food, we headed down to play in the sand some more and just relax. The sun setting was beautiful, but I never got "the shot".

I loved how this mountain changed throughout the day. The cloud looks like some puffy sweet frosting up there. Then it would decide to clear for a few minutes or split.

Next I tried my hand at taking one of those awesome beach shots with the kids. Never attempt this when you kid won a bag of green sugar from the arcade!

Love, Love the looks on Ally's and Jake's faces when they noticed!

So back to taking shots of things without green teeth.

 Did I mention we found Big Foot? He seemed stiff, but nice. We later ate with the lumberjacks at camp 18. I have enough food in my belly to last me 4 or 5 large trees cuttings. 

Since Bigfoot wasn't really roaming free, we decide to hang out at sunset at the beach with a fire (It's cold, guys!) 

Someone jumped in our shot.....not naming names Miss Sugarqueen!

Ahhh.....smores. The boys only eat them so they can see how burnt they get and what they look like when the throw them in the fire to get big.

We ended our night with fireworks (Thank you Hood to Coast Run). It was lovely~ So glad we went. Thanks, Seaside for a much needed rest and family time. 

Kristi  – (September 2, 2011 at 6:02 PM)  

There is something amazing about a fire on the beach! How fun!
And that picture of Ally and Jake when they noticed the green teeth? PRICELESS!

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