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I'm sooooo blessed to have such caring neighbors! Why? Well, for obvious reasons, I guess. But more than that, I have not gotten a firm answer as to if my furniture has even left Jersey. Evidently, the driver was prepared for a 6,000 lb load. Our load was 12,000 lbs. I don't know who messed up. It really doesn't matter though; I'm still without my things to unpack. I was supposed to have a washer and dryer installed today which would have made me happy, but the laundry room door was tight and the delivery guy wouldn't unscrew the door for me. Eric came home from work really quickly and with the help of a neighbor, got it in through the laundry room door with just a few scratches on the washer. Now, the delivery guy just has to show back up to finish the job! Whew! We're gonna stink if he doesn't come back tomorrow!

My neighbors caddy corner to us came by with cookies. They are very sweet (talkative) retired Christian school and band teachers! They were concerned about our furniture/household situation as well. I now have a card table and lawn chairs along with some silverware from them. I'm going to owe the whole neighborhood things at this rate! 

There is a family that Allyson and Eric met. They have two daughters one of which is 13 years old and is homeschooled. She seems really sweet and came over to play with Allyson for a while the other day. I found it funny when I was watching Ally text her new friend in Oregon and her dear friend back in Delaware at the same time. It's such a shame Ally is so sheltered! LOL 

We seem to be the younger family on the block as most neighbors have grown children. The street seems so quiet! That is, until my kids go out to play! There goes the neighborhood!

Marge Gordon  – (August 9, 2011 at 10:26 AM)  

Your household goods being overweight is the fault of the estimator who apparently didn’t do a good job. Either that or you went out and bought a whole bunch of heavy stuff after he did his job.

And the neighborhood just got a real dose of young-again medicine in your family. Watching your kids will keep them all young, or at least young at heart.

Marge Gordon  – (August 9, 2011 at 10:28 AM)  

me again... Just a thought, did the kids bring 6000 pounds of Delaware rocks along for a rock garden?

Anonymous –   – (August 9, 2011 at 12:30 PM)  

It's too bad that we can't trade circumstances a little bit. Our truck is here, and we have no house to move into. We were really praying that it would come slowly, or we're going to have to pay more for them to store/hold it. I don't know about you, but I'm really, really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed!


4taiwan  – (August 9, 2011 at 9:39 PM)  

Well, welcome to something like missionary life:-) HAHAHA!!! it is great that you can see you are just where the Lord put you! And as to quiet neighborhood...I know what you mean! When Luke takes the kids out of town for a few days, our neighbors would start asking why it was so quiet!!LOL!! but the retired teachers loved it.....our new place well.....a different story!

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