Seaside, Oregon Trip

The kids really only went in up to their knees. Eric and I did not! We're old like that. It's too cold even at the end of August!

So we took pics!

and more pics...

It sure can surprise you when that freezing water comes up quickly!

Ally loved looking for these.

Grant was only interested in playing ball. They played almost all afternoon with a few short breaks when Dad sat down. 

He does a happy dance when he has a touch down.

Awww....Dad! No rest for the weary!

Strike a pose and get back out there!

Ally let me fool around with my camera a bit. She's sweet like that!

This is what happens when Dad sits down....

Then the water comes out and Dad rinses everyones eyes out. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Neither one minded the sand which we brought home with us in their underwear and ears.

See how nicely the girls play!

432nd baseball game in 24 hours. 

He's a great dad!

If you have to surf in that much garb, then surfing really isn't for me!


In the Evening

 Once we junked up on beach food, we headed down to play in the sand some more and just relax. The sun setting was beautiful, but I never got "the shot".

I loved how this mountain changed throughout the day. The cloud looks like some puffy sweet frosting up there. Then it would decide to clear for a few minutes or split.

Next I tried my hand at taking one of those awesome beach shots with the kids. Never attempt this when you kid won a bag of green sugar from the arcade!

Love, Love the looks on Ally's and Jake's faces when they noticed!

So back to taking shots of things without green teeth.

 Did I mention we found Big Foot? He seemed stiff, but nice. We later ate with the lumberjacks at camp 18. I have enough food in my belly to last me 4 or 5 large trees cuttings. 

Since Bigfoot wasn't really roaming free, we decide to hang out at sunset at the beach with a fire (It's cold, guys!) 

Someone jumped in our shot.....not naming names Miss Sugarqueen!

Ahhh.....smores. The boys only eat them so they can see how burnt they get and what they look like when the throw them in the fire to get big.

We ended our night with fireworks (Thank you Hood to Coast Run). It was lovely~ So glad we went. Thanks, Seaside for a much needed rest and family time. 


They Say It's Your Birthday!

Today is Allyson's birthday. Somehow she did it, she turned 12 on us. What a beautiful twelve she is inside and out. 

Yesterday I had the stomach flu. How come the stomach flu always makes you feel as if your dying? Anyway, I stayed in bed and Allyson came in and checked on me regularly bringing ice water and blankets. She also watched the boys telling them "enough tv", "time to play outside", and "coloring time". She kept them busy with a movie, hide and seek, and fed them lunch. Talk about capable hands!

I love her smile, and silliness, and her free spirit. She's willing to go anywhere and try anything. 

She hasn't complained about the difficulties of this huge move across the country leaving her grandparents and friends behind. She's jumped right in making new friends. 

We love you Allyson! And are so proud of the young lady you are becoming! You Rock!


Oceanography Anyone: Cannon Beach

We made a bit of a spontaneous trip to the beach this weekend staying in Seaside, Oregon. But before we headed home today, we got up for low tide and headed over to Cannon Beach. So glad we did! It was really amazing! 

Haystack Rock- a 235 ft. monolith

Thought this was a sweet picture. They frequently walk like this with Grant's arm over Jake's shoulders. Of course, this is probably A). Grant explaining what a monolith is to Jake  or  B). Jake explaining to Grant how much fun it would be to don a Superman cape and jump from the top. Your pick.

Score one......

for the seagull.

Allyson loved looking through all the tide pools and feeling the sticky sea anemones!

Oh, the starfish we saw!

Let's just count this as science lesson number one! More about our sights and adventures to come. Just had to share these!


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