T Minus 10

T Minus 10 Days Until Lift Off
The movers will be here in 8 days, and the kids and I will be leaving on jet plane in 10 days. I have my ups and downs; good days and bad days filled with mixed emotions of new adventures, sad goodbyes, and simply change. Truth be told, it certainly causes some anxiety. Not anxiety about life in Oregon, but the actual move itself and all that it contains. Once again, I find myself in a life situation without much, if any, control of how my life will change and how our family life may change. Again, I find myself going along for the ride and trusting that God's plans are better than mine. After all, He was the One who opened this one door and slammed closed all of the many others. Letting go of control is always difficult. It isn't a quality I've mastered despite so many trials where letting go was the key to success. It is still an anxiety causing process of devoted concentration in remembering I am the clay in the Potter's hands. 

One thing I will be happy about is that we will be "put back together" in one house. I wasn't cut out to be a single mommy of three. I can do it, but Eric brings a lot of fun into the house. Let's face it, I'm not as much fun as he is! Grant especially gets a bit sulky, somber, and moody without him. 

Loose ends: 
The house isn't even close to selling considering no one has walked through. It is priced correctly according to what other similar houses are going for. I don't feel like our realtor has pushed hard enough to get clients in. Dear Lola doesn't have a plane ticket yet either. We are still in the process of getting her taken care of. You can't purchase a ticket too far in advance for animals evidently. Plus, the temperature cannot be too hot or she can't get on the plane which is going to be a problem considering our temperatures lately. Maybe she could pass as a very hairy, ugly toddler under 2 who could sit on my lap. Didn't Lucy have an episode like that? 

I leave you with a picture of my baby who (2 weeks ago) pressed his goggles on so tightly that he caused broken blood vessels in his eye! 

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