Conversations with Jake

Jake still talks non-stop and it really doesn't matter if your listening or not. He strongly resembles the Energizer bunny in that respect. He talks so much that I sometimes wonder if it's just the voices in my head that I'm hearing because no single human being could continually talk that much. Today, I had 20 seconds of silence that went something like this:

Jake: "Mom, is Uncle David a boy or a girl?" (We weren't talking about Uncle David at the time so I have no idea where this came from.)

Me:  "Uncle David is a boy. Well, actually, he is a man which is just a boy all grown up."

Jake: "Well, you know I'm a man."

Me: "No, Jake. You're a boy. When you grow up, you'll be a man."

And there was my 20 seconds of silence. I could hear the second hand ticking off in my head counting down. Tick. Tick. Tick.....

Jake: "You know, mom, I'm not a boy. I'm a MAN-BOY!"

As fast as it came, it left. My silence. He literally has talked non-stop since he woke up and has not stopped till he closed his eyes tonight. At least his English is good. If only he could figure out the boy/girl, his/hers, he/she thing! That's the most confusing thing to him!

In other news, the vet gave dear Lola a clean bill of health and suggested I give her Benadryl for her anxiety issues (remember THIS and THIS?).  I tried it Friday and it did nothing for her. She followed me all day long like a, well, lost puppy dog. So the vet ordered Valium for her to settle her for her upcoming travel. We had a trial run today. Evidently, Lola's iron-clad stomach can process Valium so it has no effect whatsoever. She was swift enough to get a bird in our backyard. Dead. As. A. Doornail.

Guess I failed to mention to the vet that Lola has downed an entire loaf of bread, eight broiled Tilapia fillets, a bag of cookies, an entire box of cereal that hadn't been opened, too many to count Hershey kisses with the wrapper on (she pulled the tablecloth off the table to get to them). Lest you think I leave all of my food out, think again. Lola knows how to open the cabinet door to get to the food she likes, but she only does it when we aren't home hence the reason she is crated.....unless Eric forgets. I'm rambling here, sorry. 
Guess my point is: Poor Uncle Dave is definitely a boy and I need more Valium. I mean, Lola! Lola needs more Valium! 

Annie  – (July 27, 2011 at 12:18 AM)  

HaHa!!!! Too funny, Heather!!!! We had an iron clad tummy pup too! She could and would eat anything!!!!

sidknee  – (July 27, 2011 at 5:35 AM)  

Well, I'm glad he got the Uncle David and gender thing correct now. That boy cracks me up.

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