Leftover Notes

I found this note on a shelf in the garage. It says, "dear new family, hope you enjoy this house just as we did. - old family living here.


The view from here.......


At the Airport!

At the airport and playing around to burn off some energy! Security was a piece of cake once they saw I was traveling alone with three kids! I was a little worried because I always get pulled aside for a pat down because if all my metal parts. No problems this time!


Just Like Andy (Toy Story)

Jake's favorite movie of all time is still Toy Story. He learned the English language from watching that movie! So I thought it was so cute when he went upstairs to his room to ask the guy packing his toys to write "JAKE'S TOYS" on the box just like "Andy's Toys" in one of his favorite movies!
So the car is gone, the furniture is gone, Lola is gone, and the house is clean........ What a day! I'm exhausted!


Moving Day


Wrapping things up......

I know all of you are on the very edge of your seat wondering if dear Lola has a flight to Oregon. No need to lose sleep, she will be on her way Friday morning if all goes as planned. 
Eric is out of town traveling to southern Oregon for a few days which left us with a tight time frame to work with. So, with weather and temperatures in mind, on Friday she will be making her departure with a very long layover in Atlanta (air-conditioned) and make it to Oregon Friday evening right after Eric returns. Poor Lola, her nerves will be shot! 

My suitcases are packed. The kids each have a backpack which holds my sanity. I have my important papers and everything else packed in a carry-on. 
Movers are packing tomorrow, and my internet/cable service will be finished here. I'll try to post via mobile, but if you've read some weird posts from me with gobblygook, you'll know that I'm not always successful! 

Did I mention all this is going to be hard? Leaving home is difficult, even for me. I love going to new places. But, whenever I've traveled, I always knew my stays were temporary. However, being back together as a family and having Eric back into the daily mix will be a wonderful thing. 

Just had to show you Jake's "fong-o-jia" he created using the foam construction pieces. I was impressed that he followed the step-by-step instructions to complete it. My goodness, what a great reminder of just how much he has matured and learned in just over a year! 


Conversations with Jake

Jake still talks non-stop and it really doesn't matter if your listening or not. He strongly resembles the Energizer bunny in that respect. He talks so much that I sometimes wonder if it's just the voices in my head that I'm hearing because no single human being could continually talk that much. Today, I had 20 seconds of silence that went something like this:

Jake: "Mom, is Uncle David a boy or a girl?" (We weren't talking about Uncle David at the time so I have no idea where this came from.)

Me:  "Uncle David is a boy. Well, actually, he is a man which is just a boy all grown up."

Jake: "Well, you know I'm a man."

Me: "No, Jake. You're a boy. When you grow up, you'll be a man."

And there was my 20 seconds of silence. I could hear the second hand ticking off in my head counting down. Tick. Tick. Tick.....

Jake: "You know, mom, I'm not a boy. I'm a MAN-BOY!"

As fast as it came, it left. My silence. He literally has talked non-stop since he woke up and has not stopped till he closed his eyes tonight. At least his English is good. If only he could figure out the boy/girl, his/hers, he/she thing! That's the most confusing thing to him!

In other news, the vet gave dear Lola a clean bill of health and suggested I give her Benadryl for her anxiety issues (remember THIS and THIS?).  I tried it Friday and it did nothing for her. She followed me all day long like a, well, lost puppy dog. So the vet ordered Valium for her to settle her for her upcoming travel. We had a trial run today. Evidently, Lola's iron-clad stomach can process Valium so it has no effect whatsoever. She was swift enough to get a bird in our backyard. Dead. As. A. Doornail.

Guess I failed to mention to the vet that Lola has downed an entire loaf of bread, eight broiled Tilapia fillets, a bag of cookies, an entire box of cereal that hadn't been opened, too many to count Hershey kisses with the wrapper on (she pulled the tablecloth off the table to get to them). Lest you think I leave all of my food out, think again. Lola knows how to open the cabinet door to get to the food she likes, but she only does it when we aren't home hence the reason she is crated.....unless Eric forgets. I'm rambling here, sorry. 
Guess my point is: Poor Uncle Dave is definitely a boy and I need more Valium. I mean, Lola! Lola needs more Valium! 


One Big Hoop-La!

 My parents gave us a going away party on Saturday.  What started out as a "family dinner",  turned into a par-tay! I didn't know so many friends and family were coming! Then again, mom's good at throwing shin-digs and doesn't do anything on a small scale. It was great!

My friend, Dawn, made this awesome license plate cake. How cute!! 

We're having a crazy heat wave here. And I do mean crazy! It's "can't breath standing outside" kind of hot!  Tents, misters, shade, ice, and water were in good supply!  
The kids didn't mind. They enjoyed the waters slide mom rented! 

Grant is "King of the Dominoes" and always plays with my aunts. So Aunt Deb made him a domino cake and ......

.........mini hamburger cupcakes!

They didn't stop sliding for a long time! 

A couple of adults went down that slide. I have pictures to prove it. However, I'd like to stay in good graces and all, so I just posted the picture of the adults watching the adults going down the slide! 

I think they enjoyed it!

Eric's sister, Melanie! Can you tell?  Sweet picture!!!

It was great seeing so many friends and family before we head out. We will miss you all for sure! 


Best friends




 Eric sent these to me. Looks like he is working so hard! Poor guy! It is beautiful though, isn't it!

Grant liked the filter I put on this one so I'm following his advice and posting it. Pretty cool!


T Minus 10

T Minus 10 Days Until Lift Off
The movers will be here in 8 days, and the kids and I will be leaving on jet plane in 10 days. I have my ups and downs; good days and bad days filled with mixed emotions of new adventures, sad goodbyes, and simply change. Truth be told, it certainly causes some anxiety. Not anxiety about life in Oregon, but the actual move itself and all that it contains. Once again, I find myself in a life situation without much, if any, control of how my life will change and how our family life may change. Again, I find myself going along for the ride and trusting that God's plans are better than mine. After all, He was the One who opened this one door and slammed closed all of the many others. Letting go of control is always difficult. It isn't a quality I've mastered despite so many trials where letting go was the key to success. It is still an anxiety causing process of devoted concentration in remembering I am the clay in the Potter's hands. 

One thing I will be happy about is that we will be "put back together" in one house. I wasn't cut out to be a single mommy of three. I can do it, but Eric brings a lot of fun into the house. Let's face it, I'm not as much fun as he is! Grant especially gets a bit sulky, somber, and moody without him. 

Loose ends: 
The house isn't even close to selling considering no one has walked through. It is priced correctly according to what other similar houses are going for. I don't feel like our realtor has pushed hard enough to get clients in. Dear Lola doesn't have a plane ticket yet either. We are still in the process of getting her taken care of. You can't purchase a ticket too far in advance for animals evidently. Plus, the temperature cannot be too hot or she can't get on the plane which is going to be a problem considering our temperatures lately. Maybe she could pass as a very hairy, ugly toddler under 2 who could sit on my lap. Didn't Lucy have an episode like that? 

I leave you with a picture of my baby who (2 weeks ago) pressed his goggles on so tightly that he caused broken blood vessels in his eye! 


Wordless Wednesday: that's how he rolls


Now THAT'S a Handsome Guy!


It's a Good Thing She's Cute!

 Shhh.....she may not be happy I posted these. They were too cute not to!  She found my old hat at my mom's house and played around with iPhoto.


This and That

I may have figured out my blogger issue. When I sign in, my user id hasn't and won't change. However, once signed in, my new email address shows up as what I am using to author the blog from. Anybody ever had to do this before and can offer advice? Hopefully, I've got it fixed. We'll see!

Muscle Man


Digging to China! 


Can't wait to hang this picture of my boys wearing their traditional clothes somewhere in my house!



I need some help with blogger. I am trying to change my primary email address from a comcast account to a gmail account and it gives me this error note:Sorry, a Gmail address is not allowed to be the primary address of this account.

Anyone know what I can do? I'm afraid I will lose my blog at the end of the month when the comcast acct. goes away. 


Hmmm.....sorry. Blogger must not have been cooperating when I was telling you all last night about the rousing Brazil table top tennis tournament open showing on the tv. Reminded me of China!

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Things I've learned while moving

Some things I've learned about moving so far:

1.  Never make no-bake chocolate cookies while under a stressful process. You will eat them. A lot of them. Just sayin'.

2.  When considering a dog from the SPCA or some other facility, think small. They don't cost as much to ship and you can carry them on the plane. Teacup! Think teacup!
(Lola's shipping estimates so far: $399,  $689,  $790,  $1101. Hitch hiking may be a good option for her.)   Sigh! 


In a Box with a Fox.....

Thing 2 has been working on his letters and numbers this summer. I haven't been able to be as diligent as I had hoped, but we have had a lot going. He has been doing so well remembering his letters and sounds and can read his blends pretty well. Today, he read several words with little to no help! 

I wouldn't want Ally and Grant to miss out on on the fun, so they have been working on this year's math curriculum as well. Grant enjoys working in his math book so much that it's never really an issue.  Allyson just may be another story.  I hoping this will give us a little cushion for the move and adjustment once we head out to Oregon.

 Speaking of that, the kids, the dog, and I will be flying out the day after the movers come load us up.  How does Eric get out of these things? It shouldn't be bad at all though. I was able to book a non-stop flight which shortens the time significantly. The kids are professional travelers now too. They know what to pack in their backpacks now without much help from me, and the idea of seeing Daddy on the other side of the trip will be VERY exciting to them. We miss him already! 

It's been crickets chirping on the house selling front. NO ONE has even walked through the doors which is really making me wonder why I get up every morning and clean. I realize it's a slow market, but you'd think someone would have brought potential buyers through. I'm so not happy about that! Maybe if my house is a disaster, someone will come see it! 


The House

 Well, things are moving along with moving! The seller agreed to fix a few things with our new-to-us house. The kids have seen the pictures and are looking forward to it. Okay, so we have one kiddo that doesn't do well with change that may take a while longer to adjust. I think it may take some extra time for him. We've been talking to him about all the different aspects of moving. One thing he is concerned about is how Lola is going to be able to "go potty" if she's on the airplane too. Other than that, it has expressed itself in stomach upsets, a few tears for no real reason, and some quietness. I'm sure he'll adjust once we are settled and into a routine. He loves routines! 

We have a tentative date for the movers to come and for them to come pick up the car as well. So we should be out there by August 1st.

Here is our house!

I've mentioned before that finding a house with a real yard for the kids was difficult due to houses being in a congested area and then greenspace backing up next to them.  This older neighborhood had houses with yards and just felt more like home. This sport court sold Eric. It needs a little love and care, and Eric is eager to start working on it. I think it's a good fit for our family and hopefully will feel like home very quickly!


Thanks cheesecake factory for the free mango-lime cheesecake! Yummy!


Fifteen Years!

Fifteen years ago today, Eric and I "got hitched"!  Can't believe it's been 15 years. Thought I'd give you all a laugh with a picture from our engaged/dating days. Eric was skinny, and I had way too much hair! Fun stuff! 

Happy Anniversary, Eric! Love you!


God Bless America!

 Our Fourth was full of BBQ's and fireworks! I've done a terrible job of getting the camera out AND taking pictures lately. I'll get better. Promise! 

Mr. GQ is so excited since he's been catching the ball!

Mission Impossible: Getting Grant to Smile for the Camera! He liked throwing the ball around with Eric and Poppy! He's such a little athlete.

Oh my, what can I say, growing toooo fast!

Happy 4th of July!!!


Dos Boys Playing Uno

Terrible iPhone pic, btw. But the boys have enjoyed playing Uno together and play really well, I might add. I see such a difference between this summer and last summer. They play well together (most of the time) and really enjoy swimming and playing baseball just the two of them. Grant is really great about sitting down and reading books to Jake too. He enjoys reading to him and they do it daily! 
I'm sure it is a combination of Jake maturing and settling in, but they have become very close. Grant, however, did request his own room when we move because "Jake is messy".  Hmmm... wonder if I can request my own room because Eric is messy! HA!

Our inspection seemed to go very well yesterday, but we are still waiting for a few things on the new house side of things. My present house has been up for sale for just over 24 hours and no one has come through! The patience I have is amazing, isn't it? 


Got our house! Inspections are today. We haven't shown the kids yet and are waiting for Eric to get home to show them.


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