The Sweat Box Adventure

We headed out for a 2 hour tubing trip down the French Broad River. It was beautiful! Of course, it could have been a bit more peaceful and relaxing except we have three loud kids! A deer even ran across the river right in between me and Eric and my dad. Kind of an unusual siting that close. 

After all of our fun, we changed out of our wet clothes and that is when the real adventure began. Mom, Dad, and Ally had already changed clothes. I took the boys into the changing room which was really just a wooden sweat box with no windows that had a bolt to lock from the inside and could be locked from the outside. I changed both boys out of their wet clothes into dry ones and sent them out.  Eric tried to come in but I wouldn't let him. He teasingly said, "Fine, then!" and bolted the door from the outside. He took the boys back to the car which was up a hill on the other side of the building.  

I didn't think anything of it until.........I was finished getting dressed and tried to get back out of the sweat box so I could breathe again.  I was stuck and wasn't going anywhere. I was kind of hoping that Eric was just outside laughing at his joke or something, but he wasn't. 
So, I waited and waited. Finally, a worker walked past and was saying he needed to take his break so I hollered for him. He asked if I was locked in......duh! the bolt was locked from the outside. Then he asked if someone did this to me on purpose! Uhhh.....yes, my dear and loving husband.

I walked around the building and up the hill. Just as I came around the corner, I saw Eric jump out of the car with a look of panic; a deer in the headlights look. Then we just started laughing so hard! I tried hard to be mad, really, really mad, but I just couldn't. He had taken the boys back to the car and completely forgotten he bolted the door!  I'm slowly recovering from the trauma of it all! 

Omi –   – (June 14, 2011 at 2:56 PM)  


You're too good to that man.

Love U both.

Love Omi

Julie  – (June 14, 2011 at 3:06 PM)  

LOL! I say he owes you a beautiful flower arrangement or a yummy box of chocolates. Oh, deserve them both! :)

4taiwan  – (June 14, 2011 at 10:55 PM)  

well, you are nicer than I would be!!!

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