Still Alive!

Yes, I'm still alive. I did not fall to my death out there in the mountains and forget to tell you all. It's just that there hasn't been any time for blogging; or, at least, non-stressful blogging. 

We came back from our vacation to lots of paperwork about all kinds of things from dogs and kids, to an original HUD statement, to when we went to the bathroom last. Okay, so the last one wasn't true. 

The relocation company had pretty much given us terrible service and was moving at a snail's pace all the while reminding us we needed to move quickly! So, Eric got on the phone several times with them yesterday and somehow, an hour later, things started moving quickly.

Eric and I are leaving Friday for a house hunting trip and then I come home without him (sniff, sniff).  But, he assures me that he'll be home for our anniversary and some celebratory dinners with his company. Then he's off again! 
This move, while it is supposed to be not at all stressful because of the relocation company, is just about as stressful as our first adoption.  Eric's new boss sent me three books on the Portland area. One gave me some Portland "lingo" and I discovered that I shouldn't use an umbrella or galoshes if I'd like to fit in. One of the books had descriptions of day trips around Portland which I am really going to enjoy. The third book was a book of things to do with kids in the Portland area. Really pretty thoughtful, wasn't it??

Omi –   – (June 21, 2011 at 5:18 PM)  

Sounds like a in Alaska; if you use umbrellas or galoshes here everyone knows you're a tourist. The halibut contest is on right now. Some guy caught a 305+ pound one on Father's Day so looks like he's going to win the money. I'm sorry I couldn't be there to help you pack.


donna  – (June 22, 2011 at 8:17 AM)  

Nice boss. I hope you enjoy your trip and your first look around Portland. I wish I could share some of our moving experience with you, but I'm sure you'll manage. Make sure you search for the most important thing first, then you'll find all the other stuff you need right around you.
Go ahead, use your umbrella, maybe they just don't know how much more comfortable you can be when you keep your head dry.

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