my blog, that is. Between coming home from Oregon on my birthday, I might add, and then up bright and early the next day to welcome the realtor and her paperwork, the painter (again), and the moving guy, it's been crazy. In the midst of all that, I'm following around the kids with, "You're gonna pick that up, right?".  
I'm sure they are sooo glad I'm home (wink wink). 

We put an offer in on a house before I left.  It seemed perfect as it had an actual office perfect for homeschooling. 

Lots of fun stuff in this house, but we have a counter offer in on a counter offer. Considering there are so many houses on the market in the area we can live in out there, we could always find something else. This one however, is VERY close to three great parks for my kids. The parks out there are not your average play areas either! One of those parks is the one that the homeschoolers have been meeting at every Wednesday for over 10 years! 

My house here on the East is now officially up for sale with a sign and everything! Hope it sells VERY quickly. Wouldn't that be nice?


In LA wondering if I'll see any famous people so I can appear starstruck. Will be glad to be home!


The House Hunters

34 house in two days and one offer in. Whew! We'll just have to wait and see! Looking forward to being home tomorrow! 

The weather has been terrific while I've been here, and we have had beautiful views of Mt. Hood. I've heard those beautiful clear views are short lived as the clouds roll in regularly. Wish I had gotten a picture of it while it was clear.  Maybe next time!


We are here! Had a pic but blogger isn't cooperating. Seeing 16 houses tomorrow!


In San Fran airport awaiting flight to Portland. Hopes for happy house hunting!


On My Soap Box

I've been trying to get Grant speech therapy for some time. He had it when he was considered "early childhood" via the school district. He wasn't attending a public school at the time. Then they said he should restart speech therapy if his backwards "R" doesn't resolve by the time he's 8. Fine. I waited until he was eligible again at 8 years old. 

Not knowing of our impending move, the school district speech therapist called us for the evaluation appointment. I told her of our move and how we would check into the Oregon school system for help. I mentioned that we were homeschoolers. She replied, "Oh, well you would have to find your own services anyway. We don't do homeschoolers. They have to go to a public school to be eligible for services."

I know for a fact that Grant had speech therapy when he was in a private school as did other private school children. I also know that my tax dollars are paying for the speech therapy service provided to all the other children in our school district. If  is was worth my energy and my frustration, I would have argued with her, the school district supervisor, and our state senator (who has even given me his home phone number at one point....told you it's a small town). 

This moving thing is stressful and I'm in no condition of "nice-ity" to be near someone who is irritating me. That speech therapist should be lucky that I have some self-control! Hate it when people short my kids on things like that!


Still Alive!

Yes, I'm still alive. I did not fall to my death out there in the mountains and forget to tell you all. It's just that there hasn't been any time for blogging; or, at least, non-stressful blogging. 

We came back from our vacation to lots of paperwork about all kinds of things from dogs and kids, to an original HUD statement, to when we went to the bathroom last. Okay, so the last one wasn't true. 

The relocation company had pretty much given us terrible service and was moving at a snail's pace all the while reminding us we needed to move quickly! So, Eric got on the phone several times with them yesterday and somehow, an hour later, things started moving quickly.

Eric and I are leaving Friday for a house hunting trip and then I come home without him (sniff, sniff).  But, he assures me that he'll be home for our anniversary and some celebratory dinners with his company. Then he's off again! 
This move, while it is supposed to be not at all stressful because of the relocation company, is just about as stressful as our first adoption.  Eric's new boss sent me three books on the Portland area. One gave me some Portland "lingo" and I discovered that I shouldn't use an umbrella or galoshes if I'd like to fit in. One of the books had descriptions of day trips around Portland which I am really going to enjoy. The third book was a book of things to do with kids in the Portland area. Really pretty thoughtful, wasn't it??


Hiking Adventure of the Day (post 1)

                                                                          Mountain Poppy!

From the Blue Ridge Parkway


Adventure of the Day (post 2)

                                                              There was a fish in there he's trying to catch!

Just so you know, my mother will be so not happy with me for posting this pic. I, however, thought it was very cute and it's my blog anyway!

                                                        Such a Mountain Man with all those rippling muscles.

                                                                      That's Poppy and Jake at the bottom


Connestee Falls

                                                                     Connestee Falls

                                                       I'm not sure about you all, but I think
                                                    these two look like they are up to no good!


The Sweat Box Adventure

We headed out for a 2 hour tubing trip down the French Broad River. It was beautiful! Of course, it could have been a bit more peaceful and relaxing except we have three loud kids! A deer even ran across the river right in between me and Eric and my dad. Kind of an unusual siting that close. 

After all of our fun, we changed out of our wet clothes and that is when the real adventure began. Mom, Dad, and Ally had already changed clothes. I took the boys into the changing room which was really just a wooden sweat box with no windows that had a bolt to lock from the inside and could be locked from the outside. I changed both boys out of their wet clothes into dry ones and sent them out.  Eric tried to come in but I wouldn't let him. He teasingly said, "Fine, then!" and bolted the door from the outside. He took the boys back to the car which was up a hill on the other side of the building.  

I didn't think anything of it until.........I was finished getting dressed and tried to get back out of the sweat box so I could breathe again.  I was stuck and wasn't going anywhere. I was kind of hoping that Eric was just outside laughing at his joke or something, but he wasn't. 
So, I waited and waited. Finally, a worker walked past and was saying he needed to take his break so I hollered for him. He asked if I was locked in......duh! the bolt was locked from the outside. Then he asked if someone did this to me on purpose! Uhhh.....yes, my dear and loving husband.

I walked around the building and up the hill. Just as I came around the corner, I saw Eric jump out of the car with a look of panic; a deer in the headlights look. Then we just started laughing so hard! I tried hard to be mad, really, really mad, but I just couldn't. He had taken the boys back to the car and completely forgotten he bolted the door!  I'm slowly recovering from the trauma of it all! 


Enjoying Our Time!

I think he likes the "Looking Glass Falls"!

The kids love hiking.  Wish I was in their physical shape!

Mom and Dad kept up with them too

Allyson got a "little" wet. 


Thanks, Eric!

Thank you, dear,  for giving me an iPhone. I think I love it and just maybe I can keep the calendar up so I won't miss my appointments again this week. It makes up for all the times you stole my free upgrades over the years. I wasn't the slightest bit embarrassed when the Verizon guy made fun of my old phone and said it was one of the first phones they had when he started working 10 years ago! At least the sales guy thought he was funny. When I give him my stink eye and evil grin, he said that he thought I was tough and not a force to be reckoned with especially after I made the boys sit "criss-cross applesauce" with their hands folded since they were throwing the seat cushions at each other in the store. 

Watch out friends and family! Allyson has my old cell phone and can now call and text you at all hours. You should appreciate the fact that my dear old cell is in it's last stage of life and likes to turn off when it decides it is tired so just maybe that little problem will shorten her texting capabilities! My old cell also stutters while texting so "hello" comes out like "heeelllloo" and is not due to my lack of diligence in teaching my child how to spell. It must have had a stroke at some point.....the cell...not Ally.

I realize this post has a crazy amount of run-ons that would normally nag at me until I fixed them. But, I'm tired. It's been a hectic week and so we are headed to the mountains for some peace and quiet! Yippee!!!


The Scholar

Grant's end of year program was tonight. I have pics of him singing ( He so loves to sing!), but they came out horribly. So, I'm posting this pic of my handsome guys! 

Grant received a Scholar Award which means he had the second highest grade point average of all students in the 2nd through 6th grade classes! We always new he was more intelligent than us. We just don't let HIM know that! 

In moving news, the house is just about ready to go on the market. I have a painter coming (hopefully! You know contractors!) and Eric is working with the relocation company. He will be out in Oregon before the kids and I will be. Things are a little up in the air still. BUT, we go on vacation soon so we should get some relaxing time in before he goes!


The Tooth Fairy Cometh!

 What's in the treasure chest?

Grant's teeth! Poor kiddo had to have these pulled. We have one more appointment to get the third 
pulled.  Looks like ice cream is in store for him.  One question. Does the tooth fairy take a credit card?
This one is gonna cost me!


Big Happenings for Our Family!

We have some major changes happening around here. We are moving "from sea to shining sea" literally! As many know, we live on the east coast about an hour away from the Atlantic Ocean. This summer, we will be moving about an hour from the Pacific Ocean! That's quite a stretch!  Honestly, I'm a bit of an east coast gal considering I have never even been past it. 

We will be moving to the Portland, Oregon area. Eric has worked very hard for a promotion recently and has been interviewing for a particular position for several months now. We've been praying that God would allow us clear direction as to where He wants us. After all,  neither Eric nor I want to be out of His Will. All the doors have closed shut TIGHTLY within the east coast area (which would be near family). The door is open wide in Oregon where they unanimously agreed that Eric was the perfect candidate. The employees out there are excited to have him and have been so very welcoming. 

Of course, it will be incredibly difficult to leave our family and our friends behind. So, we have been looking for houses that have room to accomodate guests! I've already shed some tears and well up when I think about it. I'm sure there will be more tears over the next couple of weeks. 

And yet, I am so excited to begin a new adventure and chapter in our lives; I'm excited to see Eric grow within the company he has stuck by since we've been married. And certainly, I'm proud of him. He works hard and plays hard and deserves this opportunity. 

Eric, I love you. Here we go on another adventure in a direction we never saw coming. Funny how that keeps happening to us! 


School should be out.....

.........because these two have even more fun when Grant is in the pool!

Now THAT is a look of determination!

This little guy has been doing great swimming around the pool this year. I always had to go inside when Eric was teaching him how to swim last summer. There were a lot of tears. Not this year though! He's swimming all around the pool by himself! 

There's something about this child. She literally looks older every time I take her picture. Hmmm... maybe I should just stop snapping!

This is just plain cuteness! 

I know this won't impress an avid gardener, especially with the weeds showing! However, this is my Romaine lettuce that Ally and I planted. We had two plants but someBUNNY stole it. Darn that Peter Rabbit!


Measuring Progress

Driving home from Grant's ballgame tonight:

Grant: "Well, mom, I got hit with the ball and got a walk, then I struck out. But I tied my own shoes at the beginning of the game and they actually stayed tied till the end of the game!"

Sometimes, progress is seen in the little things.


Wordless Wednesday: Thing 1 and Thing 2


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