Sunday Snapshot: Springtacular Soccer!

 The girls played the Springtacular tournament today. They fought hard....

Once they were warmed up, they played aggressively and played 4 games of 3 vs 3 (no goalie). 

Let's see how many colors she's actually wearing: Orange, green, blue just in her hair alone; red shirt; black shorts; neon yellow shoe laces; and purple fingernails. 

She's flashy like that

This is the "Mom, get a life" look that some many of us are familiar with!

Notice Coach got a few colors in his hair thanks to the girls!

We only won one game so there was some comforting going on!

Miss Priss ran hard! Go Ally Go!

Keep that ball!

She's not intimidated by size

'cause she can run circles around them!

And she's tough and can hold her own when the girls start using "shoulders" and bodies to tackle! Sheesh! Girls can be tough!

This isn't the best photo, BUT it's my girl getting one of her 
THREE  G-O-A-L-S!!!!

We've won 1st place at this tournament since we joined soccer (which has been a few years).  The girls didn't make it into the finals and were very disappointed. Ally was really only disappointed because she said that the trophies this year were cute! Can't be a winner every year. One more big tournament coming up in two weeks. Allyson finished up her school year this past week so her summer has officially started. Jake ends his school year this Wednesday. If only Grant could finish his up quickly so we all would be home!

Sunday Snapshot

Omi –   – (May 23, 2011 at 5:55 AM)  

Whoo hoo! Loved seeing all these action shots. Way to get a hat trick Ally.

Annie  – (May 23, 2011 at 1:17 PM)  

Oh Heather, I do wish we lived closer!!! WE would see each other all the time! LOL! Ally looks like she knows what she is doing and is loving it! I LOVE the hair!!

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