Our Youngest Artist

We have very talented and artistic children. Yesterday while getting the kids ready for bed, I found some lovely impressionistic art work on my toilet seat. I guess "you know who" just decided to work with a new medium.  After explaining what lying is and what the consequences of lying are, I asked him if he did it. His reply was, "Well, If I tell you, I'm gonna be in trouble!". 

He did confess to the graffiti and got to clean a toilet before bed. I explained as he was cleaning that he could not write on toilets, walls, floors ----  he chimed in, "Or blocks, Mom!".  Hmmm, wonder if the Guggenheim is interested in some contemporary art work using the famous building block medium? 

This isn't our only artist. I discovered that Grant knew how to write his name when he was barely three years old. I walked into the playroom one day and discovered large two foot letters across the carpet. It said:


He did it in crayon, and after he cleaned it up, I had nice clean carpets! 

Shonni  – (May 7, 2011 at 11:34 AM)  

LOL...aren’t they fun!!

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