Opening Day of Baseball

Opening Day of baseball started at 8:30 AM on Saturday with pictures. After a quick run to pick up Allyson from a sleep over, we headed to opening day ceremonies and stood in the drizzly, windy, cold while muffled sounds came from a microphone and first pitches were ceremoniously thrown out after standing there for and hour and a half. 

(insert cranky, cold mommy and kids here)

By then it was 11:30 and Grant's game was starting at noon. The wind picked up along with the "sideways" rain. The kind of rain you can't use an umbrella for.  Off I hustled to the car to pull it closer to the field so Ally and Jake could sit in there and warm up while I kept an eye on them. 

(I was by then praying for thunder and lightening~ )

The game lasted a half an inning and just as Grant was warming up with his bat, the game was called. It's a good thing too because I was having a hard time seeing him due to the water dripping off my baseball cap! 

(I may have sung the Hallelujah chorus out loud....maybe)

Mom and Dad met me at the house with hot chocolates and coffee (thank you, thank you!). Grant and I were completely drenched. I could actually wring out my socks! 

(no pics taken in high winds and sideways rain. Nope....not that kind of photographer. I think I earned bonus mommy points for just standing out there. But that's just me.)

After lunch with Grammy and Poppy, the kids and I were in our jammies eating popcorn by three. 

(my husband? In Florida. Need I say more?)

Kristi  – (April 19, 2011 at 4:56 PM)  

Florida? Really? While poor you stood out in the rain for baseball? Now I enjoy a good baseball game when the weather is warm, but in cold rain? Well, you just may be a better mother than me if it ever comes down to it...

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