Happy Eighth Birthday!

He's done it again. He grew another year older. My chubby little brown baby turned eight years old. I never thought I'd have an eight year old boy! 

Grant was very cautious of us when we first met him. He wasn't one to just greet us with open arms. He was quiet, subdued, and even seemed thoughtful at times. And yet, he was so easy to bond with and attach to. His transitioning time in our apartment in Kazakhstan was difficult. He threw a temper tantrum or two.....or several. But once we left Kazland, it never once happened again. He is the easy child at the present time. I say "at the present time" because I do realize that this could change in an instant.

He is kind and patient with his little brother. You know, little brothers can be annoying especially when they don't really know how to play catch or play chess! 

(I find this picture particularly amusing)

Everyone likes Grant. He is a pleasant kid that can play with anyone-- with everyone.

 He enjoys schoolwork and excels at it so we really don't have any issue there. I believe he is a self directed learner (can you hear me cheering inside?)

His name means GREAT.  And, yes, he is. We still laugh about our Kazakh translator that would actually call him Great as that is what she thought we had named him. The nannies would lovingly call him "Grantique" mixed in with his Kazakh name "Zhanbolat".

He may be smaller than other boys his age, but God poured lead in him. I'm sure of it because he is as solid as they come. His nickname on the ball field? Gran-tarrismo!

He is very loving and loves, loves loves his family. A homebody at heart, he isn't interested in going out of the house or away overnight. He'd rather play with dad in the backyard. I don't foresee him going off to summer camp any time soon! 

Grant, mommy and daddy love you sooo much and can't imagine life without you. We fell madly in love with you the second we saw you! You are one amazing boy! Happy 8th Birthday, Grant!

Annie  – (April 19, 2011 at 8:14 AM)  

Happy, happy birthday sweet Grant!!!! I ADORE that pic of the two boys!!! You have got to send that one in to some contest or something! You would win, hands down!!!!! Oh how typical when raising kids!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

sidknee  – (April 19, 2011 at 9:46 AM)  

Happy Birthday to Mr. Grant, yes he is one great kiddo. We love him and we know he loves us. He is just a pleasure to be around. AND, the picture with Master Jake 'rolling' his eyes...priceless.

Anonymous –   – (April 19, 2011 at 10:44 AM)  

And he's good lookin' too! ;-)

Kristi  – (April 19, 2011 at 9:06 PM)  

Happy, happy birthday Grant! You sound like a really terrific kid!

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