The Big Apple

 What do you get when you have
one overnight trip,
two backpacks,
three kids,
Lots of subway rides?

Why, a trip to the Big Apple, of course!
Yes, we hit the road to see the sights. We started off with a walking tour of Chinatown that I downloaded off the internet. We found some "just like China" noodles in some small allystreet. They were delicious!

Then we visited Ting's tiny shop (tiny being an understatement). Mr. Ting was sitting there by the door with cane in hand as Allyson and I walked in. Then he started chuckling saying "Heng Bang" and "Good boy". I looked over and there was Jake sitting on the sidewalk in meditation mode with criss cross applesauce legs bowing back and forth with praying hands! Eye-Yai-Yai!!! We really aren't Buddhists, I promise! Where does he get that stuff? 

Little booger stole my bubble tea!

Jake wouldn't use any Chinese. But he thoroughly enjoyed his lunch including the herbal soup with cow's stomach. I think his noodle dish was a taste of "home" for him. 

If you go, I highly recommend the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. We had lime sorbet, red bean, zen butter, pecan, and mango/papaya. They also have black sesame, almond cookie, ginger, green tea, and lychee just to name a few. 

By the way, we stayed in Brooklyn. Yes, I said Brooklyn. It was so nice! It's much more laid back there and the brownstones are really beautiful. I didn't get a picture as I was holding two little sweaty hands of wiggly boys. The people were really friendly too. Sometimes, I think New Yorkers must get a bad rap. 

For dinner, we ate at the infamous Junior's. This restaurant hasn't changed since the 1950's and is charming. Jake enjoyed the beets!

Daddy enjoyed the ice cream soda!

Of course, we are all detoxing after all that deliciousness! The next day, we were off to Battery Park to catch a ferry to the Statue of Liberty.

We were there by 10 in the morning and waited in line. By 10:35, they had run out of tickets for the day!
This is my crew a little "put out" that we couldn't get tickets! Darn French!

So we walked all around enjoying the scenery debating on whether to end the adventure there.

But alas, we aren't ones for giving up so off to the Empire State Building!

The views are spectacular on the 85th floor!

Look kids! I think I see the Statue of Liberty!

Jake looks thrilled, doesn't he? The views must have left him speechless.

After lunch, we caught a 2:30 train out of NYC to Newark, NJ and then drove home. This is how Grant sleeps in the car and it cracks me up. Just like a little, old man.

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig!

Julie  – (April 28, 2011 at 8:25 PM)  

Sounds like a blast!!!! Love the pictures. :)

Kristi  – (April 28, 2011 at 11:53 PM)  

What a great little getaway! I miss my sister living in Manhattan, it was always so fun to visit her there. And I really miss walking through Chinatown, though the last time I was there I had no idea what my family was going to look like...

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