Bragging Rights

Allyson has been working on some creative writing assignments for me lately and a research paper for her study skills class. She blogged her latest poem, and I thought it was very sweet and sincere.  Check it out HERE.   Now, her research paper topic is one that she picked all by herself. It's on the Battle of Bunker Hill......................
Yes, I said
 Three to five pages on the Battle of Bunker Hill.  

Oh my, it wouldn't be my choice for a topic. Tomorrow, you'll find us at the library.  Hopefully she will find some fascinating facts about this piece of history that can be written in a very, very wordy manner! 

I was listening to Grant attempt to teach Jake how to play Battleship today. Grant deserves Saint hood. Don't you get saint hood for not banging your head against the wall while teaching Jake a somewhat complicated game? He never loses patience. Never sounds irritated. I think he should be a teacher someday. He'd be excellent!   I'll tell you, he has high hopes for Jake's abilities too. He attempts to give him chess instruction, connect four instruction, reading instruction.....and Battleship instruction. It goes something like this: 

Grant:  "Jake, G 4"
Jake: "NO-A!  MISS!  I say 4369!"
Grant: "No, Jake, you have to use a letter and a number." 

This repeats a bazillion times, until JAKE gets tired of the attempt and says, "FINE-A! I NOT PLAY WITH YOU!"

Poor Grant. He has such patience. He is definitely my game buddy. He's always up for a game of scrabble or banangrams with mom. He's one of those kids that you don't have to play "kid games" with. I love it! And I love him so much! 

Anonymous –   – (March 1, 2011 at 10:45 PM)  

I've don't even know how I happened upon your blog.... but, I've just spent ages reading your back-posts.
Such a loving, wonderful, happy family.

I love your family & want to adopt you all!

donna  – (March 2, 2011 at 9:12 AM)  

I am trying to be a little more creative with my pictures. Do you have a cropping program you love. Your mom told me about Picasa, I'm not sure I can do all that I want to do with that one. What's your pick?

Annie  – (March 3, 2011 at 11:30 PM)  

Gotta love those older siblings and it sounds like Jake has a reaaly, really great on in Grant!

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