Some Very Interesting Afternoons

I've had an interesting two days! Yesterday, I met with the Chinese woman in my church as she asked me to come to her home. Okay, more like told me. She was so sweet and very appreciative of the help I gave her with her questions and issues she has been having.  I'm helping her English speaking son out with a few things, and, in return, she will help me out with my Chinese cooking. Anyone up for dumplings? While visiting with her, my tea cup was never empty. EVER! I tried to remember that she'd keep filling it if I drank it all, but that didn't matter. Every time her elderly father walked past me in between his smoking breaks outside, he gave me an adorable toothless smile, poured my tea, and shuffled off. Can't even tell you how cute he was! It was special to find a new friend who is Chinese too. 

Today, Allyson, Jake,  and I visited with the Chinese tutor that I got in touch with from the Chinese church. Boy did I enjoy talking with her about so many things.  My visit was incredibly engaging and she was very insightful. Allyson and Jake will both be taking lessons from her. I don't think Allyson realizes how difficult it will be just yet! The concern I have is that whenever Jake is spoken to in Mandarin by a Chinese person, he will completely ignore and tune out. He turns his back as if the person isn't even there. This is not his normal as he engages with people very, very well.  Hopefully, he'll get past this the more he feels comfortable.   I wish Grant was taking lessons too, but he is in school. And besides, Friday is "chess day" for Grant. He looks forward to chess club ALL WEEK LONG! Love that kid! 

Funny note, when I was speaking with Ayi B, I was telling her that Jake speaks very well. I was telling her that even his Chinese foster mother wrote in two different notes about how well he spoke, and that our Chinese coordinator said she never met a child like Jake since he never stopped talking! What did Ayi B say to that? "I know he speak well because my daughter told me that Jake told all the girls in Chinese Sunday school that he was going to teach them how to speak in Chinese!"
That's my boy! Taking charge even though he won't use or has forgotten his Mandarin. However, he certainly did tell the wrong group of kids. They were all little girls who are fluent in Mandarin and English! I'm sure they have a thing or two to tell him! 

Annie  – (February 11, 2011 at 9:59 PM)  

OK Heather, I think I have figured out that your Jake and my Lizzie are EXACTLY ALIKE!!!!!!! LOL! She rules her school and even went by herself with her speech therapist to READ to a Kindergarden class today!!! She will tell the teacher if the teacher forgets to do something! Hehe! Sounds like a match!!! Too funny!

Anonymous –   – (February 12, 2011 at 1:30 PM)  

Heather, Uncle David loves dumplings.
Enjoy reading the happenings of the Wood family.
Maybe get Eric some Chinese lessons also, they are opening up Enterprises in China. Maybe I'll transfer also, wouldn't that be fun?

Anonymous –   – (February 12, 2011 at 1:42 PM)  

Love dumplings, the lady that made them for me called them Mon Do or Du. She was Korean but they are the same- everyone one has their own way to make them. I'm sure you'd all love China, you'd have your own interpreter.

Love Omi

Kristi  – (February 12, 2011 at 10:09 PM)  

Okay, I'm totally jealous of your connections! What a wonderful opportunity for you to soak in not only the language for your kiddos, but also some culture by becoming friends with the first lady!

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