Our Chinese Church Visit

Where should I start? Today was interesting to say the least! It started out at our church this morning. We happened to sit in front of a Chinese woman speaking in Mandarin to her son. I had seen her a few times, but I think she is relatively new. So when the pastor asked us to visit and shake hands, I pounced on her I politely introduced myself and attempted my Chinese. We began talking and continued after the service. Come to find out, she has quite a story. I won't go into detail as it isn't my story to tell.  You simply never know what people are going through sometimes. It just takes a few commonalities and a simple conversation and you can find out and maybe even help. 

Turns out, this lovely woman who even lives close to us attends the Chinese church that Jake and I were headed to today! She brings her son to our church as he is English speaking and wants to be around our kids. The boys hit it off and started playing around immediately. She even offered to take Jake to Chinese church for me!

After our service and a quick bite to eat, we headed over to the church for Sunday School. After a bit of confusion at the front door (i.e. "Our church is all in Chinese" and "but no English in service, okay?") I took Jake into the children's 4 year old Sunday school program filled with all girls dressed in Chinese New Year finest. It's okay that it was all girls because, after all, Jake is a ladies man!  I had intended to stay in or near the children's church, but Jake clearly said I was to go with the adults. I did as I was told! 

Now, understand, they are not typical Baptists. No 25 minute sermon for them! The service, all in Chinese, was from 2:30 to a little after 4:00 pm! After that they have Sunday school for the adults and then a dinner. We left after the main service. The sermon was beautiful; I just didn't understand a word. This is only a slight glimpse into what Jake went through when he came to the USA! During the sermon, they asked me to fill out an information card (good thing it had some English on it).  At the end of the sermon, they said something in Chinese and then I heard my name! YIKES!!! As if I didn't stick out enough!!!  Of course, ALL heads turned back to directly look at me as everyone knew who the visitor was.   LOL   The  pastor's wife who came and sat next to me told me to stand up and then I had to introduce myself. I bet they were wondering why in the world I was there so I explained just a tad that I was there for my Chinese son. I hate speaking in public - especially when I don't speak their language!

The people were so kind to me and Jake. He did well in his class and when I went to pick him up, a woman told me that he certainly does understand what she was saying. I think he may have caught bits and pieces though. He was eager to talk everyone's ear off just like he usually does. I love seeing him stick his little hand out and say "Nee Hao!".  He was so comfortable there which made me feel better. He didn't even need me around him.  Hmmm.....is that a good thing?   He came in to the service once with a woman to ask for his coat, but that was it.   I did meet someone that is willing to tutor him as she does this for a living.  Hopefully this will work out and Jake will be willing to use his Chinese more and more. Someday, he'll thank me!

The Raudenbush Family  – (February 6, 2011 at 9:22 PM)  

Oh my goodness--nothing like being TOTALLY singled out there! There's a Chinese church about 15 minutes from us that I've always wanted to visit but never have. You are inspiring me to give it a try sometime soon though. I wonder how it would compare to the Easter Service in Guangzhou....

Julie  – (February 6, 2011 at 9:32 PM)  

What a beautiful thing you are doing for him!!!!! You are such a good mom!

Anonymous –   – (February 7, 2011 at 5:28 AM)  

This is so really neat. I'm thrilled for Jake. You are just the best daughter-in-law. I'm so glad before I met you I was praying for you! God gives us the best for us.

Love Omi

The Kings  – (February 7, 2011 at 8:50 AM)  

What a wonderful opportunity!!

Anonymous –   – (February 7, 2011 at 6:49 PM)  

Heather this is great for Jake, you are doing this wonderful thing cause you are the bestest mom a kid could have.

Uncle David

Kristi  – (February 7, 2011 at 10:47 PM)  

Oh my goodness! They called you out? Girl, you earned your super mom cape in my book! And you just may be inspiring me to seek out a Chinese church in the area...
I can't wait to hear how next week goes!

Anonymous –   – (February 8, 2011 at 5:42 AM)  

I know it's early but, talk about job opportunities with no apparent work on his part.


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