First Date?

The kids had a field trip to rollerskate for Valentine's Day today. I told Jake that he would be wearing special shoes with wheels on them so he could roll around on a hard floor. His response? "That's crazy!". Why, yes, it is!  I think he had his doubts at first wondering how badly his bum was going to hurt when he fell. He eyed it all up and then went for it. 

Of course, since his sister ditched him, it was nice that one of the older kids stepped up to help him out. How sweet is that! That is one of the things I appreciate about this school. The older kids are taught early on to help the younger ones.  Jake didn't take long to get it down though. When he was out on the floor holding someones hand, he would attempt to jump up and down.  He was going pretty fast for a first timer too. 

Jake had his first date today on Valentine's Day.  He's always had a crush on this beautiful lady who happens to be a teacher of his.  Today, he only wanted to skate with her, only wanted to sit with her while eating his pretzel and candy, and asked her to come over to his house today. Actually, at first, he whispered in my ear of I would do the asking for him. Guess he gets shy and nervous when he's asking someone out. I think they may have done the couples skate too.  Huh, wonder what it is about 4 year old boys and married women. I remember Grant asking for his speech therapists phone number when he was four too.

Grant sure did have several little girls following him all around. Whenever they would lose him, they come around to me and ask where he was. Then they would spot him and start after him again. Of course, Grant was oblivious to the fact that he indeed is a ladies man after all.

Allyson just needs to skate while jabbering away. She loves skating and has been at it since she took lessons at age 5.  She's such a social bug and talked the whole time.  At least boys weren't following her around. Better yet, she wasn't following any boys!

Anonymous –   – (February 15, 2011 at 6:00 AM)  

Ally looks like she's saying, "what, why are you taking my picture". Keep those pictures coming. Love the ones where they seem to be looking right at you. One of the ladies at school said, "Heather should write a book, she writes very well." Must be in the genes.

Love, Omi

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