I volunteer hours at Grant's school and was in with an 8th grade class today. I was asking them some review questions and was moving through them quickly. So instead of calling out names, I just pointed to the student I wanted to answer. 

I pointed to a particular student when the student next to him asked, "Are you pointing to me or him?".  Despite my completely "bleh" day today,  I had to smile and laugh at myself. The student wasn't being mean or ugly.  He wasn't making fun of me. He honestly could not tell where the heck I was pointing. I forget sometimes that my fingers no longer point the direction I want them to! Guess I'll have to remember to call out names!

Our lovely weather yesterday certainly didn't last. We woke up to wet snow, and it continued to snow or rain all day!  The snow plows came through the neighborhood to just slush around the snow I guess. There wasn't a lot of accumulation so I guess they thought moving our basketball hoop around into the middle of our driveway would be fun. Then again, maybe they thought the woman who has two knee replacements, tendon transfers, and joint fusions wouldn't mind putting it back into place for them. UGH!  Hoping my "bleh" mood goes away soon!

Kristi  – (January 26, 2011 at 9:34 PM)  

Winter doldrums got me down too my friend. That and a who knows how much longer than 65 day wait with immigration...
And it sounds like your fingers look a lot like my grandmother's did. We used to tease her and say, "Don't point that crooked finger at me!" Oh how I miss her!

donna  – (January 27, 2011 at 11:14 AM)  

HOW RUDE. At least they could have put it back where it was. Rude, rude rude.
Uncle Bill has a crooked finger also, it's his index finger, so sometimes we don't know what he's pointing at either.
love you

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