Musings of a Doctor's Office Visit

I had a doctor's appointment today with Dr. Rheumy. Okay, so that's not his real name but that's not important. Honestly, I could do an entire post on just doctor's office reading material. You see, you can tell a whole lot about a doc just by perusing the magazines he offers his patients. When I was searching for a decent Rheumy in my 20's, I could tell that the Doc with the Smithsonian and Field and Stream wasn't my guy. Now the Rheumy with Glamour and Better Homes could probably remember what it meant to be in his/her twenties and could better relate to my active lifestyle. In other words, I didn't want to be medically treated as a sixty year old woman (no offense, mom. You know I love you!). I needed to move like a twenty something year old woman despite what my joints said. 

All that is neither here nor there, just a rabbit chasing tangent. I actually was going to share with you all that my doc was running very, very, very late today.  I should have packed a lunch and a dinner to visit him.  Don't get me wrong; he's a great guy who's very meticulous, careful, and spends a great deal of time going through my records, labs, meds, and joints.  Dr. Rheumy was just having one of those crazy days.  I understand.   Since I was so very understanding, I  read the magazines and ran out of interesting articles to read.  I began scanning through some other magazines when I ran across an intriguing article on the history of deodorant.............................................................insert cricket sound here....... ................................... .............................  Now THAT'S some desperate reading.  What is even more desperate is the fact that the article brought to mind what I forgot to put on in my rush out the door! 

And if you're laughing at my expense right now, well, you're welcome!


Before and After





Someone played hooky from school today. We had about four inches of heavy wet snow last night and Grant's school was still in session.  As the motto goes...Neither rain, nor sleet, nor driving snow....or something like that....That's his school's motto which is fine by me as I dislike making up snow days during beautiful weather. But frankly, a day of hooky is just what the doc ordered to get rid of the blues. And we headed out sledding! Yes, I went AND got out of the car AND went down the hill twice with cameras in tow! You didn't think I'd leave my camera did you???

School? Really?


All three of my longer babies!
 Wipe Out!

Best times are spent with these guys!  I love it!

Don't worry, he loved sledding; it just doesn't look like it. He was just fixing his hat, but I thought the pic was too funny! 

Posted just because I think he's super cute! Love the eyes! They are perfect!

And the winner is.....

A Tie!  They were both impressed that they "got air". Sounds like a medical problem to me! 

Again, because I cannot flaunt his deliciousness enough (even though the pic isn't the best)! 

Love it when she's happy!

I know, I know, she's super pretty! 

I'd say his first time sledding was a success!



I volunteer hours at Grant's school and was in with an 8th grade class today. I was asking them some review questions and was moving through them quickly. So instead of calling out names, I just pointed to the student I wanted to answer. 

I pointed to a particular student when the student next to him asked, "Are you pointing to me or him?".  Despite my completely "bleh" day today,  I had to smile and laugh at myself. The student wasn't being mean or ugly.  He wasn't making fun of me. He honestly could not tell where the heck I was pointing. I forget sometimes that my fingers no longer point the direction I want them to! Guess I'll have to remember to call out names!

Our lovely weather yesterday certainly didn't last. We woke up to wet snow, and it continued to snow or rain all day!  The snow plows came through the neighborhood to just slush around the snow I guess. There wasn't a lot of accumulation so I guess they thought moving our basketball hoop around into the middle of our driveway would be fun. Then again, maybe they thought the woman who has two knee replacements, tendon transfers, and joint fusions wouldn't mind putting it back into place for them. UGH!  Hoping my "bleh" mood goes away soon!


Spring Day in January????

Considering our weather has frequently been in the teens and even single digits at night, our 45 degree day today was as refreshing as spring day. So what did I do you ask? 

Why, I shoved those little buggers outside and locked the door for some peace and quiet! 
No, No, No, I meant to say that I put spring coats on my three beautiful blessings and watched them play in the backyard while I lovingly looked on through my kitchen window while cooking them a wonderfully nutritious meal.  Okay, I did actually cook. That's not news; I do that every night. But I did enjoy cooking Hawaiian chicken and coconut rice all by myself while the kids played outside. Heck, I even did some of their chores for them so they'd have more time to spend outside on our spring day in January!


Caesar Who?

Ally and I were having a discussion today on what events led to the American Revolutionary War  (for History class). I was trying to get an idea how much she remembered from last week. She had answered everything correctly and even could carry on a great discussion about it. As we were talking, I asked her who was the man who even though he was dying of cancer traveled all through the night on horseback to make it to Philadelphia for the historic vote of the Second Continental Congress. 

This stumped her.  It was on the tip of her tongue.....

After hemming and hawing, she said, "Well, I know they named a salad after him!"

Ahhhh, yes, Caesar Rodney, the one we named one of her favorite salads after!


Sunday Snapshot: Conversations with Jake

It's been awhile since we've had a "Conversations With Jake" post. Trust me, it's not that he's stopped talking. There are days when my husband comes home and asks him to just take a breath. He talks non-stop ALL.DAY.LONG! 

The other day he found his photo book of pictures of our home that we sent to him while he was in China. Oh how he carried that around everywhere! He wouldn't leave it home to go run an errand or go to "shea shou" (school).

Somewhere along month four or five of being home, he started leaving it behind. He still would look through it and ask where is this toy or that toy? But the other day, he started going through it again telling me what Chinese mommy said about the pictures.  He said Chinese daddy didn't get to see them because he was at work (I'm wondering if he is just referring to the day he received it). While looking at the backyard picture, he said that Chinese mommy told him that the swingset was his, but the pool was Daddy's. Guess she didn't want him to go near it! I asked him what she said about the picture of Eric and myself.  Evidently, she did tell him that it was his new mama and baba, but I guess Jake didn't quite understand that completely. He went through each page talking about something in the picture and then remembering something specific to his life in China. 

He still tells us stories of his life in China on a daily basis. Some are indeed big fish tails and some are sadly true.  Part of me wishes I didn't know the things he was exposed to even though I realize it is better to understand where he's coming from. It amazes me to hear him talk about the details in the things he remembers. A knife, a propane tank, buying fish....all bring memories of how he cut his finger cutting an apple, Chinese mommy's cooking with propane, and fishing with Chinese daddy. He FREQUENTLY talks about the old tire he played with every day. He loved rolling it around and would bring it into the house ~ according to him. He said he didn't have a toy, but liked the old tire to Chinese daddy's "dirty car" (his words).  He gets so excited when he sees a tool that we have that Chinese daddy had too. 

Having the book around again, reminded me of a special moment in China. We were in Guangzhou by then and going out to eat with other adoptive families. Jake was the oldest newly adopted child in the group. After everyone sat down to the dinner table, and he was sure he had a captive audience, he pulled the photo book out of his backpack and got everyone's attention even yelling out, "AYI!" (auntie) to Kelly. He would open a page of his book standing where everyone could see him and show off each page just like a preschool teacher does as she's reading to her students. He was so so proud of his family, his things, his new life, and his book. You could not help but fall head over heals for him.

The tables have turned now as Jake doesn't show off the picture book, but will show off his framed picture of him sitting with his Chinese mommy and daddy. I'm glad he's proud. I'm glad he still gets excited when he sees something that reminds him of his past life. 

Here we are, a few weeks shy of ten months of being home, and the book, his Chinese mommy and daddy, and Chinese life is still so very precious to him. And you know what? It sure is precious to me too!

Ni Hao Yall


The Underdog

 Allyson plays baskbetball on an underdog team. The kids try hard but they are smaller than most in size but not heart!
Before, Allyson would be pretty intimidated due to other team's skill and size. However, she's come a long way as she is much more aggressive in going after the ball and trying to keep it! She even sunk a foul shot like a pro.....for a tiny girl, that's sayin' somethin'! I swear I could have heard a swish, but maybe that was my "momma's ear" acting up again.

She took it all in stride when she popped into the car with her hot dog saying, "It's okay mom. We play another team on Monday and actually have a chance at beating them!"

You go, girl!


And the Winner is..........

As you may have been able to tell from my last post, Grant is having "Spirit Week" at school and is taking the opportunity to be crazy! Wednesday was crazy hat day, and Grant won second place. The valuable prize????

Are you ready for it?

Yes, folks, you read that right. And in the second grade's as good as gold! Way to go Grant.....You're mama sure is creative! 

Jake came down with a nasty fever today. He is so pathetic when he's sick. He kept asking to go to bed and would say, "If you just let me go-a to bed-a, I not have hot head!".  He makes it sound like I won't let him sleep or go to bed or something! Poor guy, so sad! Hope he feels better soon. 


Wordless Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day


Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my Mom's Birthday. Here's to you, mom! Happy 21 all over again

In a hostage situation you are likely to be released first.

You and your teeth don't sleep together.

People call at 9 p.m. and ask, "Did I wake you?"

You begin every other sentence with, "Nowadays..."

The clothes you've put away until they come back in style... come back in style.

Things you buy now won't wear out.

There's nothing left to learn the hard way.

"Getting a little action" means you don't need to take a laxative.

When getting lucky means you find your car in the parking lot.

When happy hour is a nap.

When you realize that caution is the only thing you care to exercise.

As Lucille Ball once said


Mr. GQ


MR. GQ X 2


Uh-Oh! Lock Up Your Girls

Being the parent of two boys, I realize that in the future there may be some wise parents that will not allow their daughters to sleep over with Allyson as the boys turn into teenagers.  Maybe the future is not that far away.....

I found the girls watching a movie and Jake snuggled right in with them. He was loving it. Watch out, parents! Consider yourself warned.


It Pays To Teach Life Skills

Yesterday, Allyson started our snowy morning off with pancakes. And after playing in the snow, she decided that the kitchen was her domain for the day (i.e. pretending to  manage a restaurant and try to squeeze some money out of her brothers for peanut butter sandwiches). Sure, I'll go with that. I guess that's what good big sisters do. Then she asked if she could cook dinner all by herself. Ummmm......didn't have to think to hard on that one. SURE!

So for dinner, she made oven baked fried chicken,  rice vermicelli from a box, and green beans. It was yummy! And the best part? Well, according to the chore chart,  it was Grant's dinner clean-up night. A while ago, Eric taught him how to clean the pots and pans for me, and I taught him to put the dishes in the dishwasher and clean the countertops by having him work beside me. That time investment surely did pay off! 

I'm not gonna lie. I enjoyed my evening!


Wordless Wednesday: It Snowed....Again

Good thing I bought more photo storage. I cannot seem to post without hitting Xlarge for photos!


Another Cookie Theft

Don't let the sly smile fool you. There is evidence in the creases of her smile!

Lola isn't the only one sneaking cookies around here!


I'm Not Made for Cold Weather

 Winter has been here since Thanksgiving.  UGH! We've had several bouts of snow, but nothing compared to last year. Some may remember how hard we were hit with THIS and THIS in January of last year!
My husband is in the car rental business and the snow directly affects his paycheck. A little snow with a little black ice makes for fender benders and body shop work....following me?  BUT mounds and mounds of the white stuff makes people stay home. (I'm with them!) Don't get me wrong now. He doesn't want people to be injured or anything, but a fender bump here and there, well, I'm just sayin'! We do have three children who need to go to college someday. 

Allyson and Jake will play in it. But, Grant? Well, he's with me. We hibernate. We do not enjoy being cold and wet and frozen. I'm more of a warm weather girl!

It's true about the hibernation thing. My neighbors have even mentioned that they don't see me at all during the winter months because I don't come out.  I've been known to watch my kids and husband go sledding from the front seat of the car. Don't judge me. It's just not in me to plant my rear on a cold, wet sled and slide down a hill only to have to trudge my hiney back up with the frigid wind blowing in my face all the while carrying a sled. I'll let Eric take that duty! So there you have it: my confession of the day.


Courtesy and Kindness in All Things

My boys are rough and tumble kind of guys. They immediately started wrestling with each other as soon as Grant came home from school today. I was kind of hoping they would release some energy! I realized we had a least made some progress in the politeness and courtesy department when I heard Jake ask, "Can I kick you, please?".  

Small steps.....small steps.


Thankful Thursday!

 I decided to have a Thankful Thursday because.....
1. My hubby is coming home from a business trip!
2. Grant FINALLY let me take pics of him and show him off! He is a handsome devil if I do say so myself!

It has been frustrating me that I never have pics of my Grantman because he hides as soon as I pull the camera out. If I make him stand in front of it, he constantly moves.  Seriously, I've even tried the "sport mode" to try to get a good shot of him! I pinned him down today. Tacs and duct tape MAY have been involved. I'm just sayin'. 
He is such a stud muffin! I wish he'd let me take more pics!

 Really, how handsome is he? I just love him to death! Grant has always been a momma's boy to some degree. The time Grant and I spent together in Kazakhstan bonding was priceless. Until this year (2nd grade), he was content to sit on my lap in church and for morning ceremony at school. 

He loves to laugh, and, of course, when he laughs, his entire face disappears! Love it!

But typically, this is the response I get from him as soon as my camera comes out!

Allygirl has been learning how to play the guitar. We have a teacher come to the house on Tuesday mornings. (Great benefit of homeschooling!)

I love hearing her practice!

My girl is quite photogenic and cooperates with her momma when she snapping away! She's just so darn pretty! Yep, you all know by now that I'm one of "those" mommies! When she was a baby, I'd walk her around the mall in her stroller. People would stop me and say how beautiful she was. My response was, "YES, I know! Isn't she pretty!? Thanks!"

She's doing great!

Ally took a couple of practice shots with my new camera. I'm so not a fan of putting pics of myself up, but she does have an eye for the camera!

( SHHHH!  I may have edited her pics into black and white because everyone knows you look slimmer with no color, right?) 


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