Headin' to a Weddin'

We get to head to a weddin' this weekend! (I was told that's how to say it if it is in the South)
My beautiful cousin is gettin' hitched. Let me just say, the groom is one lucky man because the bride is drop dead gorgeous and has the personality to back it all up. I can't believe she is old enough to get married because that means, well,  I'm old.  Can't wait to see her and the rest of my family though!

Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope

I ordered it from our library about 4 weeks ago and since all the copies were in use, I just picked it up today. I'm on chapter 4; stealing in minute I get to read a few pages. It's hard to put down. 
In case you are unfamiliar with the Chapman story, Mary Beth's hubby is a Christian Contemporary writer and singer. They have 3 bio kids and had 3 little girls from China. In 2008,  one of their sons was pulling into the driveway and did not see his little sister there. It was a terrible accident that sent little Maria to see Jesus. She was only five years old and was a virtual twin to one of her "China sisters".  I cannot imagine the grief all around that the family was/is going through. 

What has surprised me though, is that Mary Beth starts off the book, not dealing with the tragedy, but backing up to the beginning- the mistakes she made as a teen, her difficult marriage in the early years, the financial stress, depression,  and family conflict. She puts it all out there without glossing over reality. She certainly keeps it real. 

Anonymous –   – (December 3, 2010 at 5:55 AM)  

Have a wonderful time, great time for a 'weddin' decorations seem to just flow more easily. Book I'd want to read I can tell. We will put the tree up on Saturday. Love to all! XOXOXOX


Anonymous –   – (December 3, 2010 at 5:56 AM)  

Can't wait for the pictures!

Love, Omi

Kristi  – (December 3, 2010 at 9:58 AM)  

You got the southern drawl just right in type. Hope you are sayin' weddin' in speech too! ;)

And I have that book, but haven't had time to crack it open just yet. Hoping to soon. I just love the title. That she used the word 'choosing' implies so much!

Julie  – (December 4, 2010 at 7:16 AM)  

I have this book next to the bed ready to be cracked open as soon as I finish the one I am reading now. I just had to get it. I had been praying to God to show us a sign whether we should adopt or have a bio this go around. God used the Chapmans as the sign as to which path we were suppose to take. Everything fell into place after that and now look at our adorable little addition! :)

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