Busy Times

I've been crazy busy lately which left little time for blogging. I realized my lack of blog life when even my husband mentioned it.  Allyson has a part in a Christmas play and we've been going to practices as well as my usual helping out at school. Top that off with helping Ally get her gifts ready to give, laundry, dinner prep, and my urge to clean, clean out, simplify, reorganize my house. Maybe the urge came because we sold our hot tub (finally!) and now have an empty space.....a dirty space, but empty! I was rushing out at 6:30 tonight to head to the gym. I think I had about 3 minutes left before I decided to forg-e-da-bout-it and stay home cleaning things out. Oh yeah, I even decided to FINALLY put my "old" address book into my computer address book. 'Bout time, right? Anyway, I was off to the gym and got to the front of the development before I realized that instead of picking up my bottle of water, I took my house phone. HUH? Weird, right?

My mom buys the kids Christmas pajammies every year for them to change into for the ride home on Christmas Eve. (We travel around visiting family on Christmas Eve). I have yet to get them all together in their jammies, but Jake had his on. Don't you think he looks like the Paul Frank monkey when he smiles? He matches his pj's!

~Rachel~ –   – (December 20, 2010 at 9:33 PM)  

Love it...2 adorable cheeky monkeys!!

Kristi  – (December 21, 2010 at 7:27 AM)  

I laughed about the phone/water mix up, but I wasn't laughing at you. I promise I was laughing WITH you ~ as I've been doing similar things lately...
Love those PJ's!

Anonymous –   – (December 21, 2010 at 9:05 AM)  

Eerie similarity...and he really is a little monkey, so it fits!


Shonni  – (December 21, 2010 at 11:09 AM)  

He is just so adorable...precious picture!

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