Hanging out with China Friends!

So much to write about. We had such a great day with bloggy friends, but I'm too tired to post it all tonight. Just posting a picture that Kelly took of me and the kids together when we visited with them. I so wish they lived closer! More pictures to come!


A Family Day

Today we headed off for a drive to ride this beauty in Amish country. Grant and Ally have had this experience a couple of times, but we thought Jake would like it.

It gave us a half and hour of scenic country. Really beautiful Amish country. 

Here is one of the many one room schoolhouses.

Jake thought it was "awesome"!

Grant......maybe not.

Al was just along for the ride. We figured out why she was a "grump-a-potomus" today. She stayed up watching a movie on her little DVD player and was tired. She's just like me ~ needs her beauty rest. No worries though because she no longer has that little DVD player!

The boys love these things. Looks too much like work for me!

And then.....off to the MAC store to go anniversary shopping! That's right! We have been saving our pennies for a MAC to replace our Toshibacrap that has been gorilla glued way too many times. So far, I'm loving it but still learning where everything is on it. I usually use google chrome, but trying out safari. I'd like to buy a photo editor that can layer photos and add graphics. I'd love some suggestions on which ones are good but not overly expensive. I wasn't sure what to buy at the store so I thought I'd research it a bit. 

As far as the guesses to my birthday present ~ It is not a camera. I use a Nikon P90 that I love. I'm certainly not a great photog but enjoy playing with my camera. So, good guess, but not right. My backordered present is an ipad that links to my MAC and does a ton of different things. I can blog, email, read books, watch videos, and use a bunch of other fun aps, and I can take it wherever. It has a touch screen and turns every which way for easy viewing. I'm sure I'll love it, but I know my husband will be using it a lot too! LOL!


Happy Birthday to Me!

June 28.....my birthday. I was lucky enough to have my Aunt Boots and Cousin Susie visiting from Florida. So had I family around me for my birthday dinner. Thanks, Mom! 

I love spending time with my aunts. They crack me up! Besides that, as I was growing up, I always knew how much they love me. Very lucky, indeed! Some of my favorite times are family dinners. I love sitting around with my family. You'd simply have to meet them to know how crazy funny they are. As a kid growing up, I always will cherish the Sunday dinners at my Granny's house. I can smell the frying okra and chicken now. Don't forget the butter beans, pintos and cornbread! Granny's tea---- it could make you an insulin dependent diabetic in one gulp, but it was good! I always love having the uncle, aunts, and cousins around on those days. 

Jake seemed to really like them too because when I put him to bed tonight he said, "San San like Ayis" (San San likes aunts!). Grant started counting them up and naming them so Jake could see how many "Ayis" he has!

"No, No! THIS is how you do it. I know!"

And then there's the kids.....they are truly crazy and fun! I love, love, love Grant's face in this picture.

My cousin Susie has always taken a genuine interest in my kids and for that I am truly thankful. Then again, Susie takes an interest in kids...period! I think Jake is pretty proud of his new family. Just look at the beaming face!

So glad he explained to Ayi Lala how to work the camera being the professional photog and all. 

My two favorite men! And aren't they handsome?
Eric bought me a super cool present......that's on backorder. I just know all of you are on the edge of your seat wondering what it is? Any guessers? Sorry, I'm not giving it away to anyone who is correct!!! You'll just have to die of suspense until I tell you! HA!

Thanks, Mom and Dad for all your hard work and yummy meal!


I really DO exist, kids!

Well, I asked my husband to take a picture of me with the kids since I don't have any of me and all 3 of them together. I'm the one behind the camera and I'm thinking that when they are older, they just may think it was only Daddy doing all of those fun things with them.  Let me just say, he is a great guy, a great husband, I love him dearly, but he doesn't take great pictures. Any photogs out there know how to make miracles happen with pictures? Oh well, maybe next time.


Dearest Miss-A-Buckson.....

Dearest Mrs. Buckson, 
Jake will be happy to know you have seen his pictures on the blog. After all, he enjoys looking at himself so why shouldn't you? You see, Jake must have some kind of crush on you. Whatever you did to win his heart has worked. He mentions you to grandparents and friends, he looks at your picture, and whenever "shea shou" is mentioned, he quickly pipes up, "Miss-a-Buckson" with an inordinate amount of slober on the "S".  So cute! But today....well, today we had a social worker visit. Jake proudly showed off all of his trucks and what fascinating things they can do. Then he hustled right over to get his school pictures that the K4 teachers made him. I knew you were high priority when he proudly showed the picture of you and him to our social worker. So Mrs. Buckson, just so you know, your top dog, VIP, the big cheese, big enchilada, the big fish! 

And, all I want to know is.......what did you bribe him with?! LOL! He'll be happy to see you!  (Lisa, If you can, shoot me an email)


Act of Kindness and other bits

Like the look of my blog? Nice, right? I was still using the old blogger layout that you had to re work in html to get the three columns. It took me forever to figure that out and was on pre-Jake time.  I haven't had time to do any updating to the layout on it and have just been making time to blog when kids were asleep. I asked Courtney over at Courtney's blog if she wouldn't mind telling me how to make my pics nice and big. She kindly offered her help and revamped my blog for me. Trust me, I'm a girl who knows when to take help! I told her that I liked clean and simple, and she went to town. She did a wonderful job. I will be updating my blog reads soon as some of them are out of date. Some of those blogs I have followed for years, but some of the blogs I follow, I don't have posted. I get to that soon. Courtney is one amazing girl. She graduated from high school two years ago and lives on a farm with her family. She writes her own blog. I love seeing her pictures of their land. I started reading her blog when she went to China with her mother to bring home her newest brother. They are heading back to China for another little sweety. She really seems to know the China adoption process quite well. Like I said, she is one amazing young lady and so sweet to help me out in such a tremendous way. She is starting a side business in blog design.  You can click on the "Courtney side button" and visit her site. Definitely visit her blog for some great pic and interesting reading. Thank you, Courtney! I sincerely appreciate your help and your time!

It is amazing how fast kids heal, isn't it? Jake's eye is looking GREAT! I'm sure it will leave a scar for, well, years. Asian skin tends to scar easily. As soon as it heals, we'll be putting some of that fancy Me*erm* ointment on it. Just in time for a social worker visit! At least Jake gladly tells anyone he passes, "Goo goo hurt San San baseball". Nice. And isn't it something that Jake always has chopsticks or a spoon in his hand for my pictures? Kid is still constantly eating, but his appetite has calmed down a tiny bit. 

And then there's the toothless wonder who has asked us to pull his "lucky tooth" out almost every night. We met Eric for lunch today and he pulled it out at the restaurant. Blood and pain are nothing to Grant if you hover the idea of cold, hard cash. How's that for fine dining etiquette! I think we just gave up on etiquette for good today when I turned around to find Jake drinking the salsa out of the bowl just like his soup!  And the tooth fairy rides again......

And in case your wondering what I did yesterday, while the kids watched a movie....

I attempted to get my house back into pre-Jake order. I purged the house, or at least the downstairs pantry, kitchen, and drawers. This wasn't even all of the junk. Ahhh.....I feel so much better now. Now if only a little fairy would come and go through the computer desk!


China Baba

Thanks for the emails and comments on my last post. Really didn't think you guys would read my post with my "bore warning". Thanks, bloggy land!

Jake and Forever Baba checking out the fong o jia in China. Seriously lost Jake like twice on the playground, only to find him attempting to ride in this thing.

Something I wanted to remember:

I was sitting at the DMV this week for an hour and a half with all three kiddos. Fun times! My license needed attention as I have a yearly celebration coming up. Let me just tell you, I am WAY to young to be turning 36. There, I said it, THIRTY SIX!

Anyway, Grant was playing his video game and Allyson was reading. Jake was playing with his cars and looking at his picture book -the one we sent him with pics of our family and home in December (Yes, Kelly, he is still carrying it!). We somehow got on the subject of China and, of course, a fong o jia entered the conversation as it usually does. He said something about using keys to start the fong o jia in China. Some of that was said with words and some with hand motions. Then he said "China Baba" and "San San" and motioned that he sat on a lap and turned the keys and said "fong o jia". I said, "Did China Baba let you sit on his lap?". "YES!" he said. Then he said "San San" and motioned that he was moving the levers and motioning like he was an excavator and picking up things with his hand. I asked him if he was sitting on China Baba's lap in the fong o jia and using the levers (motioning with my hands). "YES! YES!" he said.
He's always so proud of me when I get what he is saying! I asked if he picked up dirt or rocks or something. He said he picked up rocks. I can just see the smile on his face sitting on China Baba's lap in a fong o jia playing with the levers. Who would have ever thought that my long agonizing wait at the DMV could have turned out so memorable!


Cognitive Skills----boring, right?

Warning: This post is all about Jake's cognitive skills and includes his artwork. One may find this incredibly boring and fall asleep! Consider yourself warned!

It's been awhile since I've had the typical 4 yr old. Grant was not typical. He colored like a pro and could read my sidewalk chalk words at just 4 yrs. He is a puzzle genius and loves thinking games. Jake is behind obviously due to a language barrier and because he hasn't been subjected to some things like crayons and puzzles. I'm wondering what kind of effect, if any, will his beginning years and lack of stimulation have on him. I honestly don't think Grant had a ton of stimulation in his orphanage (although he was a favorite there). His beginnings did not effect his cognitive skills negatively. But Jake's situation was different. I think they wrote him off to cerebal palsy and kept him in a crib. So I'm just not sure what we're working with yet. He does pick up language very, very quickly and is an independent little guy.

His gross motor skills are right on track and even improving since we have had him. His fine motor skills are great if you consider what he can pick up with chopsticks. However, the things we test like coloring, drawing lines, puzzles, etc. are a different story. He hasn't been subjected to them. He can pretty much draw an "X" if I draw one or copy my circle. We've been working on coloring to help with eye/hand coordination and fine motor skills. He just turned 4 in April so maybe scribbling is normal. He is starting to color more in the lines and will color the picture versus the paper now. He loses interest quickly and doesn't fill in all the white paper with crayon. Again, maybe this is normal. I honestly don't remember what Ally did at 4 yrs. We have been working on learning colors, recognizing his written name, and simply learning what the letter A looks like and sounds like. Gotta start somewhere, right?

I did help with the little angel in the "A" picture and firetruck picture and kept encouraging him to keep coloring everything in.

I was losing hope with learning colors and beginning to think he may be color blind until this week when he correctly told me what the colors were in the lego tower he built! YEAH!!!! Okay, so he still doesn't always get them right, but it is a step forward!

Puzzles.....oh my! We have a big fire engine puzzle he loves to try. I end up putting it together for him. The pieces are a little weird so I think it is a little difficult myself. He tries so hard. The other day I found him in the playroom with his head on the floor and buried in his hands crying because he was soooo frustrated. However, while I was telling my pediatrician about my puzzle worries, Jake figured out the child locks on the drawers. So maybe the fire truck puzzle is more difficult than child locks! We'll keep working on it.

I need to keep reminding myself that he doesn't have to be ahead or even right on. If he is a year behind, it isn't a big deal at all. It just goes against my gung-ho, everything in its place, getting everything done early personality type. Of course, for some little reason, I've been the total opposite of my normal recently. Hmmmmm......wonder why THAT could be? My little tornado perhaps?

My other two kiddos don't stop schooling during the summer either. No favoritism here. No way! Ally is working on a math book to keep up her skills and doing some math on the computer. I've been trying to alternate the days with this and still be flexible enough for summer fun. Grant is doing some computer math and learning his times tables. The difference is Ally moans and groans, and Grant loves the challenge!


It's NEVER a Dull Moment!

Please pardon Jake's evidence of breakfast on his face and teeth. Egg and seaweed. YUM!

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Well, at least it didn't turn out to be the shiner I thought it was going to be. As you can see, Jake has a nice cut under his eye. No, he wasn't in a bar brawl (at least, not yet). Grant swiped him with a bat......and felt REALLY terrible about it. Grant was crying worse than Jake was and took a while to calm down. Of course, it didn't help that mom was yelling, "I TOLD you two to settle down!". They were certainly hyped up last night. We had been in the car a lot yesterday and they sat at a doctor's appointment. Lucky for them, Omi entertained them at the doctors'. When we got home, they were wired.....there were guns involved. LOTS of pelleting with NERF bullets! Swords were involved as well. The bat incident happened AFTER they were settled and was purely accidental on Grant's part! This comes just in time for a social worker visit. Some of you may remember that Jake had a black eye for the last social worker visit!

Last night putting Jake to bed, he asked me to lay down with him so he could rub my ears. I did and said, "Are you Mama's baby?". He replied, "San San no Mama's baby. Goo Goo (older brother) Mama's baby. San San Baba's baby!" Sheesh! STILL has Baba on the favorite list!

And for your viewing pleasure, click here to watch Jake's video of him singing. Jake is singing his string of classics sung every night at bedtime. For clarification purposes, he is singing Baa Baa Black Sheep, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and a Chinese song Lang Jie Lou Hou. We changed Jesus Loves the Little Children words just as we did with Grant to include "all the children of the world, Kazakh, Chinese, Black, and White, they are precious in His sight".


Check This Out

This video has been blog hopping from various blogs. You have to see it! The little girl in it is adorable!


Darn Quippy Kids (Trust Me, It's a Word)

After his bath, Jake pulled underwear and pajammies out of his drawer. I needed to do laundry so he was at the end of the undie stash. I kept some of Grant's old ones.....for laundry emergencies (I know, gross, right? Bad enough he wears hand-me-downs, but wearing hand-me-down undies? Cannot believe I just posted that bit of info)

So anyway, Jake picked them up and asked, "What's-a that?". I told him to look at the butt. "It has a 'fong-o-jia'," I said. He stood there silently for a minute examining them and then said, "Awesome! Fong-0-jia on butt!".

HA! Had I even thought about the fact that I had these still and that he had such joy over underwear, I would have at least bought him fresh fong-o-jia underwear.

On another childish quip, I helped Grant put his things in the dugout before his baseball game this week, I said something like, "Alrighty, do well! Have fun! I'll cheer for you!". To which he replied, "Okay, Mom, but don't yell out, 'I love you, Grantman! Just stuff like Go Grant!'."


ME? Yell that???? Well, I never! Okay, maybe once....maybe twice. Yeesh! He wouldn't have cared a year ago!

To my Dad, Thanks. Thanks for being Dad. For always playing with me, protecting me, teaching me, loving me, sacrificing for me. Thank you for playing with my kids even when they have to be getting under your skin. I love you, Dad! Hope you like your hat! Hehehe!


My Little Tibetan Monks

As some of you noticed, the boys got their summer shave downs, otherwise known as the "Daddy Special". Personally, I start to feel a pit in the bottom of my stomach when I see the pile beautiful. jet black hair on the floor. Jake's hair is still coming in pretty thin these days and basically sprouts straight out of his head. Oddly, his hair is MUCH lighter than Grant's and actually looks like he has highlights! I asked Eric why he shaved them down so far. He said he was looking at a picture of Jake in China the day we met him and loved it. His hair was shaved ALL THE WAY DOWN! Eric fell head over heels for Jake the day we met him. And, in case you're wondering, the boys are wearing their Chinese soccer uniforms. Jake's is a "little" too big!

They are my little Tibetan soccer-playing monks!


The Big Tub

The title of this post? Well, let me explain. You see, when this chicky was two years old, she would forever ask to go see "the big tub". When we did see the big tub, she would jump up and down and yell, "BIG TUB, BIG TUB!". Yup, she was referring to the ocean! BTW, I love it when she decides to put her hair in piggies. It is a rare occasion for her being 10 and all. Heaven forbid, I should suggest she put her hair in them! Oh, no! That would NEVER work!

I took the kids to the beach today and met my friends there. All in all, we had 12 kids with us so everyone had someone to play with! This was Jake's first time to the beach. I showed him a picture of it off the internet before we left today. He told me "San San noooooo beach, Mama!". I told him that he would love it! He responded, "San San no water!". Okay, okay. I then showed him a picture of kids playing in the sand with sand toys, and he said, "Okay, let's-a-go!". So we did!

As you can see, he wasn't too afraid of the water though! When we got out of the car, he got sooooo excited and jumped up and down and said, "AWESOME MOMMY! AWESOME!". Now that's just plain priceless!
Grant has ALWAYS loved the beach and thinks the more you're tossed around the waves the better! He'd make one heck of a surfer! Man! When is Snaggletooth going to lose the other tooth?

Jake decided he'd attempt a dig to China.

Even ended up in a picture myself! (thanks, Rachel!)
Yup! From that smile, I'd say the beach was a hit!


Law School Anyone?

A lawyer, I am not! For those bloggy readers that are not from an international adoption background, let me explain. Even though international adoption is finalized in the country you adopt from, it should be re finalized here in the States. Jake is a U.S. citizen and is completely, 100% ours. However, by re adopting him in the eyes of our state, we can obtain a legal and binding U.S. birth certificate (Certificate of Foreign Birth) which is very helpful for school, little league, college, and other places that would not recognize a foreign birth certificate. Re finalizing offers a legal name change, and not all states recognize a foreign adoption decree anyway (ours does). Besides, replacing U.S. documents that back your adoption are a lot easier to replace than foreign adoption documents. I know I would never be able to replace any of the documents that I received in Kazakhstan for Grant's adoption. They were too hard fought while in-country to get the first time around!

That being said, we are re finalizing Jake's adoption, and I am not hiring a lawyer to do it.

I did the paperwork to re finalize Grant's adoption in our state myself and everything went smoothly. This time around, the paperwork seemed a smidge different, and I am not completely confident in my legal abilities. I did, however, fill out the paperwork and copy all of Jake's foreign records for the court to review. I'm hoping that I filled out all necessary forms and didn't leave any out. I'm also crossing my fingers that I filled them out correctly and/or have a kind judge to issue the adoption decree!

I should have it in the mail with the fees sent in by the beginning of next week (need a few things notarized). At least re finalizing doesn't give me that "hold my breath till all paperwork is processed in China/Kazakhstan kind of feeling". I hate that feeling. I had a hard time sleeping for the ten months awaiting Jake and the 12 months awaiting Grant!


Disaster Relief?

The bad news: Jake still plays like he's a tornado on the great plains. A path of disaster follows him wherever he goes.

The good news: Although he is known to be a terrible disaster relief worker, he did indeed clean this mess up with the help of his coworkers, Mommy and Grant. Of course, the fact that the head engineer, Baba, was standing over him did help a little.


Karate Kid

We took the kids to see Karate Kid this past weekend. Thought I'd give my review of it for all of you! I was a little nervous that the violence would be too much. Actually, the previous two Karate Kid movies were much more violent. I did not even see any blood in this one. Some of it is in Chinese with subtitles. Jake was on the edge of his seat listening intently. I thought it was cool that he could actually catch what was going on as he understands quite a bit of English now and could still follow the Chinese. The shots in the movie from Beijing were "awesome" (as Jake would say). So many of those same shots, I have sitting on my computer! If you've been to Beijing, you may have climbed to the top of what I call a mountain to see the overlook of the Forbidden City. They were standing right where we did and I took a picture of (the above pic). Cool! He also touched the gold knobs on the doors for good luck in the Forbidden City.....yup! got that picture too. Obviously, the fact that we were just in China, makes this movie more intriguing to me. In fact, it made me miss China. Kelly, don't you need a friend to go with to visit your mom? LOL!

The bad parts: Well, there were a two words that are not to be repeated by the kids. Not one of those movies that the foul word becomes every other word (which my kids don't watch anyway). So, two thumbs up for a movie I'd watch again. I'm curious to see if it will come out on DVD to where we can change the language to Chinese like Mulan.


A Gem

See this little gem? ...........the pink princess pencil case, not the kid. Oh, don't get me wrong, he's a gem alright. Last night, we were in the car. Eric rolled the window down because, well, one of my "little gems" wasn't smelling to..aaah....fresh, if ya' know what I mean. Jake noticed a car next to us with his window down too and he said yelled,

Cracks me up! But, that's not what I was blogging about!

Back to the pencil case, Jake was given the pencil case from his foster sister and baba in China before he came to us. It is important to him. He carried it into the room we met him in and proudly showed us all that it could do. It opens here and there and has these pretty white girls on it. He literally carried it all over China as it was always in his backpack along with the photo book we sent him back in December. It must have ended up in the bottom of the toy box at some point. This weekend he found it again, and the joy on his face started all over again. He proudly showed us again all that pencil box could do. I asked him where he got it, and he said that Baba and JieJie gave it to him. Words don't adequately express how excited he still is about this case. His picture that I took this morning shows the joy on his face. It is obviously a wonderful memory for him. I'm wondering if he is planning to go to school with this pencil case because if he does, there are going to be some super jealous little GIRLS!


Let Them Eat Cake!

My in-laws visited today. We enjoyed eating steamed crabs on the deck and then.....

WE ATE CAKE! Omi made me a chocolate cake with cherries and chocolate icing! You see, I have one of those- ahem- yearly celebrations of age coming up at the end of the month. I'd like to forget which side of thirty I'm on as it is creeping precariously close to the forty mark all to quickly. The cake was delicious, Omi, thank you!


Summer Days

Kids have been busy!

Watching out for pirates.......

Reading in the fort.......
Pulling red wagons......

And playing in the sandbox.......

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We have finally decided what we are doing with the kids for school next year. It has been a very difficult decision. The school they attend now is a very small private school which is great because they get good one-on-one. More importantly, I have grown to really know the staff there over the years, and I trust them with my children.

However, we realized some time ago that we needed to make some changes. Grant has a true love of school and a love of learning. He does math problems for fun, people! He enjoys being a part of chess club, and enjoys the classroom in general. We are not making a change for him. He will continue with the same school.

Allyson, however, needs a change. She will be in the 6th grade next year and will be homeschooled. She will be enrolled in a homeschool program at her present school so she can attend school functions, play on the basketball team, field trips, etc. She is also enrolled in a homeschool program (along with her dearest cousins!) that offers her a study skills class, history, science, art, and cooking/sewing class. She will attend this weekly and come home with "homework" to do throughout the week with me. I will teach her math and language arts at home along with a devotional "study" for Bible. We are both excited about our new adventure! I'm looking forward to finding the Allyson I know she is. School is overwhelming for her and we both are always under too much stress with her studies. I think this may be a good option to stay connected with her, spend some one-on-one with her, and learn how she learns material the best way. She is excited about her new adventure. Her only concern is that she wouldn't see her friends. However, we explained that she would still play on her soccer team seeing them several times a week, go to school with her cousins on Thursdays, see her friends on field trips, basketball practice and when I volunteer at school. She seemed fine with that. Besides, although social interaction is very important and certainly a part of school, the whole objective is to learn. Really, she is interacting with her friends when she should be interacting with them anyway. During the last week of school, I could see her stress level diminishing by leaps and bounds. She is offering lots more hugs, reading her books (that girl LOVES to read!), returning to her helpful disposition, her funny personality, and just has a different demeanor.

Jake will be still be attending the pre-K class he has been while I'm helping out at school and will also be attending a local preschool program that I just love. It is a preschool that is three mornings a week and concentrates on social interaction and structured play. Yes, they know their letters, sounds, numbers, and can recognize their names by the end of the year as well. The teacher there is an older woman who has taught Allyson and Grant as well and really enjoys "her kids". We decided not to send him to school full time because we just feel like he needs time at home and doesn't need to be in school a full day just yet. The plan is that he will attend kindergarten the following year unless he just isn't ready. If he isn't ready for kindergarten, we'll put him in the full day K4 program. We decided that giving him ample time to adjust and develop bonds, security, and trust with his new family is a higher priority now than to push the learning. The learning will come in time. He has plenty of years to finish his schooling, but we have a limited of time to develop strong bonds and trusting relationships with him.

This has been a tough decision for me; I've been thinking about home schooling for years now. I'm hoping this is the best thing for Ally, and think it is worth a try for a school year. If she wants to continue home schooling after a school year, then we will. If she wants to go back into traditional school, we'll do that too! Either way, I think it is giving us an opportunity I wouldn't normally have with her considering the amount of time spent on schoolwork before and after school. Thanks to all of my bloggy homeschooling friends that have given their input on this decision. I know I have emailed several of you, and you all were so kind in emailing me back with your experiences! I have asked a thousand questions to my cousin Shelley who is an experienced homeschooler herself. Oh, my! I have so much to learn and she has patiently answered all my questions! Great to have such fabulous and helpful friends! Thanks!


Bits and Pieces

Jake is doing well. He hasn't had any more fevers, and the swelling, redness, and hot knee joint looks better. The redness up the thigh is gone as well. I think he is getting a molar in the back of his mouth as he keeps complaining of pain at the gum line. Four years old?? I honestly don't remember when Grant and Ally got molars. Always something, right? I looked at his scalp again after his bath. You wouldn't believe how many scabs he has! Oh, how I wish he would stop scratching it!

Thanks for all the well wishes and thoughtful emails for Jake!

BTW, I was reading on Just a MINute mom that the Chinese words for cola and chocolate were the same. Here, all along, I thought Jake was pure genius because one of his first English words was "chocolate" especially since chocolate is one of my favorite things! Oh well, he does love the stuff. Considering we can share coffee, lattes, chocolate, and hot,spicy salsa, we are kindred spirits none the less. AND....I still think he is pure genius!

Grant has had his glasses less than a week and we have had them adjusted twice already. Somehow they end up crooked and sit lop sided on his face. A warranty you say? Why, yes! They do indeed. A two year warranty.....as long as I have all the parts that accompany them! Good thing the docs office is less than a mile down the street!

There you have it....bit and pieces.....and no.new.pics! Bad blogger, bad blogger!


Wordless Wednesday

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