Harbor Watch

We headed out to Baltimore's Inner Harbor, a summer fav of ours, to see....

some of these!

As a "new baby" gift, Eric's company gave us tickets for the family to visit the National Aquarium. I thought that was very thoughtful considering the typical gift is a baby onesie, a rattle, and teething ring with the company logo on them. Somehow, I think Jake appreciated this a little more.

They were hyped and were hoping to see Dori since they watched Finding Nemo on the
way down.

Grant had the "map". If you've gone anywhere with us, you know Grant's thing about carrying and following the map. When he was four, he directed us through Disney with the map and directed us correctly. Yup, he's got a thing about maps!

After seeing the "junta fish" (i.e. big sharks), the "Nemos and Dories", and the dolphin show, we took them on some of the ships. This ship, the USS Constellation, was used during the Civil War. We also visited the submarine, USS Torsk, used during World War II.

Awww... That's cute! Love it when the boys show their love!

Seriously, that just looks like a bad combo to me!

The kids loved trying out the beds on the ships.

It is really unbelievable how many men and bunks they fit in every available space on the submarine!

Definitely not a great pic of me staring into the sun. BUT......when you take your own pic, it doesn't always come out well!

We stayed overnight a little outside of the city near a Bass Pro Shops. Wives BEWARE!!!! If your husband tells you it is fun....DO.NOT.BELIEVE.HIM! It will suck him in for literally hours at a time, and you will be stuck in an ugly camouflaged recliner next to a lamp of a duck decoy and a mailbox shaped like a large mouth bass. You're boys, however, will enjoy using their toy guns and shooting all of the animals there! My head was already killing me by then and it did not improve. We headed over for a cookout with Eric's side of the family the next day and the kids had a blast! Let's just say....inground pool and multiple battery powered cars.

My headache was still hanging on, and I came home on Sunday with the world's worst migraine. I'm simply getting too old for the sun! My brown spots are proving my point!
We had friends over to swim on Sunday, and I hid behind my hat, sunglasses, cover-up, and umbrella! Kids are super tired (yeah for me!). Heading to Dutch Wonderland tomorrow with the boys! Should be fun. (maybe I'll be better with the picture taking than I was this weekend!)


School Days, School Days........

There is a young lady in this house VERY eager for school to be finished for the year!

(There's also a not-so-young lady in this house very eager for the school year to come to an end!)

Jake has been putting little sentences together. A few of my favs:

As a motorcycle passed by the house, he said, "Motorcycle too loud!"

"San San go nigh-night Goo-goo's bed" (interpreted: I want to go to sleep in older brother's bed)

As he found the doritos bag, "Aha! there you are!"

"What's that?" "What's that?" (input this about 943 times a day)

As I'm putting on his undies after his bath, "Be EASY, be EASY!" (such a guy)

"San San hungry" or "San San no hungry" (I was kind of thrilled about this one. Simple, I know. But it means he can tell me when he's hungry, and he's not sitting around starving or anything)

Watching Toy Story (he actually wore out the VHS tape): "To ibiny an BE GONE!" (interpreted: Too infinity and BEYOND!

The best one: "Love you Mama!"

Not bad for a kid who's only been in the States for 6 weeks!



Notice anything missing?

How could you miss it, right?

Grant asked me if there was really a tooth fairy. Considering he's seven now, I spilled the beans to tell him that mom and dad were the tooth fairy. I said, "Just picture Daddy in tights and wearing wings coming into your room to pick up your tooth and leave money!". He thought that was funny!


Petsmart Where the Pets Fart!

Our dear dog Lola went to Petsmart for her grooming. She doesn't get groomed very often. Mainly a shave down for the summer since she is basically all thick, fluffy black hair. She isn't the best behaved doggy by far, but they have always been able to groom her.

Today, I got called in to Petsmart because of her behavior. They had to stop grooming her because she was so naughty--nipping, howling, wiggling, growling. I could even hear her howl over the phone. Oh my! So, I went right over and was charged for a bath. Lola looks a bit ridiculous as she's shaved down with the exception of her legs, hiney, and head/ears. Oh, wait! Only two of her legs are fluffy and the other two are shaved. Get this, they said I could reschedule with a groomer who was good with big dogs (which Lola is not big) and good with shave downs. However, if Lola does not do well for her, then we are not allowed to come back to Petsmart!

Funny thing is that we went through Petsmart puppy training and she graduated!
So my question is: Who thinks Benedryl is safe for dogs? I've heard it is. She NEEDS to be groomed or she will die of heat exhaustion. She's completely full of thick, black hair!
Any ideas on what to do? They muzzled her but have a limit of 20 minutes and she wiggles so badly!
Disclaimer: Sorry about the title as I couldn't help myself. Eric always says this whenever we pass it, and, considering boys think potty humor is hilarious, they just don't stop laughing every time he says it.


Raise Your Hand......If You're Sure!

We desperately needed a new swing set. Ours literally was falling down. My kids REALLY use their swingsets! Eric tore the old one down (what was left of it) and used it as firewood for the soccer girls to have smores. He bought a new one, and they told him that is was Amish-made and would be set up at our house in 2 1/2 weeks.

5 weeks later........we have our swing set.

The kids love it!

She spends most of her time upside down.

And Grant is always watching out for pirates.

Funny thing happened too. I called the company to fuss with them that they were so late in getting this to me. I REALLY fussed, but didn't realize they already called Eric on his cell saying they would there in the morning. Eric said, "Only Heather is mean to the Amish!".

THEN, when they did show up, the Amish man (middle age guy) shook my hand and gave me a big smile. I met him around back so I could show him where to put it. When we were in the backyard, he proceeded to give me a bit of a hug. Weird. Too friendly. But okay, whatever.

As we were walking back to the house, he put his arm around me and continued to walk that way. Uhhh.....I don't think so. Ewwwwww!!!!!! I walked out of his armhold. Awkward and just gross. Now, the Amish are nice people and hard workers. But, seriously should rethink their stance on deodorant, ya know?
The stench was overwhelming.

I hopped in the car and set off to drop kids off at school and get to Jake's appointment. All...day...long....I was smelling not-so-fresh. Couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from because, well, my pits were fresh. I know, I know, too much information. It wasn't until a few hours later after appointments, by the way, that I realized it was my shoulder that smelled so badly. It was the shoulder Mr. Amish had his pit on. When I really smelled it, it took my breath away.....and not in a good way......in a thank-God-and-I-can't-breath-anymore way! Oh my, that's just gross. I wonder how many people I walked past that day thought I was a really hard worker who had poor hygiene. After all, this princess barely "glistens" when she works out! Hehehe~

BTW, anyone else find it extremely contradictory that the Amish will hire a driver to drive them all around to do business or ask to use the phone somewhere, but won't own a car or phone? Hmmmm.....makes ya think.


Jiayin Designs Giveaway

I met my friend Kelly in China while she and her husband were adopting beautiful Miss Lydia. She is having a giveaway on her blog. Some of you may remember my blog post about Jiayin Designs. Kelly is helping her friend Helen in Beijing get her business off the ground and is having a giveaway of one of these beautiful charms. Please stop by and take a look. If you leave a comment on her blog, you will be entered to win!

I've personally seen the handmade charm that Kelly wore while in China. It was a charm of Lydia's Chinese name and was really beautiful. The piece was very nicely made!
Besides, if you take a look at the website, you're likely to find the cutest little boy in all of China!

Hmmm.... I wonder if I tried any harder if I could add a few more links in one post! HA!


State Cup Champs!

Our state cup championship was today and the girls did great. This was the....last....soccer....game....of the season! Wahooooo!!!!!!

They won their first two games and moved to the championship game.
Allygirl played well as did all of her teammates.

Check that concentration out! You go, girl~

After sudden death in the championship game, the girls pulled through and won the game by one goal. This "sudden death in a championship game" seems to be a pattern for these girls!

Notice the mascots?
Last week the girls painted t-shirts for this tournament. They "helped" Eric with his coaches shirt as well and signed the back of it. They made two for the boys and put their nicknames "Grantman" and "San San" on them as well as "Thing 1 and Thing 2".
The boys thought it was cool that they got a medal too! They must have been the good luck charm~


Got your panties in a bunch?

Can I just tell you how much the public health department irritates me?
Seriously, it takes quite a bit to get my panties in a bunch, but, trust me....

They sent me an appointment notice saying they have been unable to contact Huyan Saner, Jake's Chinese name so they made us an appointment. Evidently, they were contacted by immigration due to Jake's positive PPD reaction while we were in China despite the negative Chest X-ray we hand carried from Guangzhou to Beijing to JFK through immigration!!!!!!!

I called and asked why we needed to come in when he does not have TB. They said it was a "public health issue" and yadda yadda yadda. I informed them that he was being followed by our pediatrician. Now, my child has had doctor appointment after doctor appointment lately. Yet, yesterday I dutifully dragged him and the chest x-ray into the appointment 30 minutes away.

I filled out paperwork stating they could see him and treat him because, well, I had to. The nurse was really only concerned with the name change and wanted to know why she had been given a different name. "Because that's his Chinese name" didn't seem to be getting the job done. She asked if I was his foster parent. Uhhh, no, we have the same last name. His name was changed with the adoption. She still seemed confused. They asked me to sign a form which included how much our household yearly income was which I left blank as it's none of their business considering I didn't ask for the appointment. They still wanted it so I gave them a round about figure. Then they wanted my insurance information.

Why was I there? I still have no earthly idea considering they did nothing with Jake besides give him stickers. No examination. Nor did they examine the chest x-ray at all. Didn't even take it out of the folder. Ahhhh...... how irritating. Kind of feels good to get it off my chest though.


The New Normal

Nineteen years ago, I was a healthy, active teenager. Before I knew it, my hands, feet, knees, jaw, elbows, shoulders, ankles, and anything else that could swell up past recognition turned into a flaming hot, fluid-filled, pain-inducing mess. It has been nineteen years ago this May since I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have had pain every day for the past nineteen years. Some days, weeks, and months have been more difficult than others. Knee replacements, joint fusions, bolts and screws have become my way of "maintenance". Chronic pain sufferers tend to require anti-depressants for the effects of constant pain. I have been fortunate enough not to need those drugs so far. Honestly, I think there were times when I could have used them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking antidepressants at all. My point is that it took many years to figure out how to deal with the pain and the debilitating affects of RA. It can be extremely frustrating to slowly be unable to do different tasks like you are used to doing. I have found a solution that usually works for me and that becomes "finding my new normal". My "normal" gradually changes from year to year ----the things I am capable of doing, the things I have found new ways of doing. However, I think if I keep my perspective that "this" is normal, then my outlook perceives everything as okay. Make sense?

Normally, pain tells you something is wrong with your body. However, pain is a normal part of MY body. It is the norm. I have to shift gears and refocus my mind into remembering that pain is normal; that it is okay. It has taken many years to accept this way of thinking, and it is certainly not fail-proof. I'll admit that I have thrown an "impossible-to-open" (already opened once) jar across the kitchen and have certainly allowed the frustration of not being able to do something get the better of me. I have a level of pain that is acceptable and if I am hurting beyond that, it is time to do something about it. I can call my doc. and say that I am past my point of pain-acceptance, and he understands. Meds can be adjusted or increased, or whatever else is needed. If I am constantly reminding myself that having painful hands because I'm reading a book is not normal, or having trouble tying shoelaces is not normal, trouble lifting a glass or difficulty cutting meat is not normal......my perspective will be that my life is simply not normal.

My "normal" is always readjusting itself so that my outlook is positive. Otherwise, my disabilities would be depressing. Once your mindset is that your life is perfectly normal regardless of crooked hands and fat knees, then disability isn't the focus of your life. With the exception of one very long hospital stay, this system has worked for me over the years. It isn't infallible, but it has worked in the past. It has gotten me through 19 years that could have been very difficult and very lonely, but instead has produced an outlook that has allowed me to attend college, a wonderful marriage to a great husband, 3 really beautiful children, travel to different countries, and wonderful friends---a very full life.

...........Just my perspective


Chrissie is Precious in His Sight

Not sure how many of bloggers are following Chrissie. Chrissie touched so many lives during her struggle for life. She lost her battle today and is now "dancing with Jesus" as her mother said. So very sorry for their loss of their beautiful daughter. I cannot imagine how greatly they are hurting right now. Please remember them in prayer today.

I'm not sure how to put this delicately. When I was working in the nursing home, it always bothered me when someone died alone without family surrounding them. Chrissie was in an orphanage until her family came to get her. When she passed away this morning, her mother was with her. I'm so glad she wasn't alone....in an orphanage without a mother. She will never be alone again and is with Jesus forever.


Gaining, gaining, gaining!

Eric came home with a special treat today. He went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. He usually texts me with "at the Cheesecake Factory" just to make me wish I wasn't eating noodles or cottage cheese. BUT, today, he brought Allyson a piece of strawberry cheesecake and a Godiva chocolate piece for me! (Grant isn't a big cake eater and enjoyed my whipped cream!). UMMMMM!!!!! So nice that he thought of me and brought me a surprise!!!! Allyson and I enjoyed them very much. Jake really liked mine. When I gave him his first bite, he said "CHOCOLATE!". Yup, he knows that word!

Jake went back to the pediatrician for a one month check up today. He has gained a pound in a month. When we had his medical exam in China, Eric said he weighed in at 28 lbs. I thought it was 30 lbs. and I cannot find it written anywhere in the paperwork. I can only find the vaccinations written down. Anyway, this would put him at gaining to 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 pounds since April 2! Told you he ate a lot. Just to give you an example, he has eaten: yogurt, a waffle, boiled egg, bowl of cereal, 2 bowls of noodles with chicken and bok choy, another bowl of cereal, 4 slices of watermelon, half of my salsa and cottage cheese, an apple, 4 bowls of noodles, chicken, and some of my special treat Eric brought home. Honestly don't know how he fits it in.

He was scary skinny the first time I bathed him in China. Now, he's just skinny. I don't think it was that his foster family didn't feed him. I think it was just a combination of economics and and culture. Looks like it shouldn't be too difficult to catch up his weight!


Proof of Citizenship and Conversations

Jake received "the" envelope from the state department addressed to Mr. Jake *********.
Yup! We received his Certificate of Citizenship with his little picture that was taken in immigration. He looks so different in this picture. His face looks different to me. More grown up or just changed. Hmmm......
It's cool to have that special document. Pres. Obama's welcoming letter should be coming soon. I'm wondering when I am going to find the time to get everything together for the family courts here in Delaware for the readoption. UGH! Paperwork. How come kids have to come with oodles of paperwork!

I was in a doctor's office yesterday for an appointment for myself. The office staff ladies were commenting on Jake. They would ask him his name (this after I explained that he doesn't really speak English yet.) Of course, he didn't answer. He was very curious of just how "junta" mama really is and wanted me back on the scale. Despite declining his offer, he persisted in attempting to get mama back on the scale using the word "JUNTA" in his deepest voice. Uhhh, don't think so buddy. I was trying to distract him from the ensuing melt down that was sure to incur. I'm hearing the ladies in the background standing right next to us saying, "They don't want their girls over there; they don't get rid of their boys. They want them. How odd she got a boy! Well, he's all boy." This comment was then directed to me: "Better get him some Adderall".

Seriously? First of all, we both were standing right there! They don't know exactly how much English he understands. You can just imagine the comments swirling around in my head. I wanted to sit these cackling ladies down for a lesson in Adoption 101 so they wouldn't be so "ignorant" for the next person that might walk in. I did say a few things to them. One of the things I said was that I'm sure I saw over 50 boys available for adoption and see pictures of available children every week. AND Jake does understand more English than he speaks!

Hmmph! Ticked me off just a little. More like rubbed me the wrong way. And to top it off, my kids were complete stinkers yesterday. Not listening, wanting to argue their points with what I'd asked them to do, Jake wanted to remind me that he still had a stubborn streak in him, Grant decided it would be cool if I would tell him every possible move to make to get out the door for school. After Grant's ball game, I was doing some paperwork before I put them to bed. I realized how frustrated I was with them. Bedtime would be a good thing. But, they always come through for you, ya know? Grant is full of kisses and hugs and still really wants me. Ally decided to be sweet, said she'd set her alarm and get up on time, and gave hugs and kisses. And then there's the cleanup --Jake. I laid down with him and the little hands went to my earlobes, his face tucked in under mine, lots of sweet kisses, and a "love you Mama!" to boot. Adderall........those ladies don't know squat! Mind your own business! There. Now I feel better.


First Place! Great Coach!

My husband coaches Allyson's soccer team. They had their springtacular tournament on Sunday against several other leagues. They cut the teams down to play 3 on 3 without a goalie. They did great! AND so did Eric. He had to coach both of our town's teams (the other coach's daughter was sick). Eric coached 9 games back to back between two teams who were in different divisions.

Allyson scored several goals! GO ALLYSON!!!!!! I love watching her play even when she puts on her 10 yr old grumpy face!

The girls spray painted their hair. That's their favorite part of tournaments. Well, maybe spray painting the coaches hair is even more fun. They got a hold of the boys as well!

So after winning several games, they played in the championship for first place. We were playing a team we had just beat 8 to 0. However, at the championship we ended up with a tie. It went into overtime. THEN, SUDDEN DEATH! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

They pulled it out and won the game! BOTH teams from our town ended up winning first place. They were so excited and the parents were just as excited too!

Here they are doing their cheer "Who are we? What can we do?".


Way to go girls! Way to go Dad! One more tournament to go!


Flyin' High!

Saturday was a perfect day to fly a kite -warm and windy!
Grant tried to fly some of the kites we bought in China, and Allyson flew one that Omi gave us. Ally did great despite almost being picked up by the wind. Unfortunately, it was soooo windy that even though she was trying with all her might, she wasn't strong enough to hold the kite and off it went! Down, down, down the street it went until it was caught in some power lines. Sooooo, no more kite for Ally!

This kite is now free---sort of.

Such a shame this kid isn't happy! If you can see, his shirt says 100% Kazakh. HA! What a little liar. I think he's only a very small percentage Kazakh! (Okay, so it's Grant's old shirt)

Sigh! So sweet. He just loves his Baba so much!

Some of the soccer girls came over to paint shirts for next weeks soccer tournament (not todays tournament). They had a ton of fun. Hopped in the pool clothes and all (by then it was back to freezing) and then roasted smores in the firepit out back.


Mooning: act of displaying one's bare buttocks

Guess that title grabbed your attention!

I found Jake in the school administrator's office on Friday afternoon. Apparently, while he was playing on the playground with the other pre-K and Kindergarteners, Jake mooned the other children with a bit of a sly smile. Now, look here people, he's not one of those nasty kids. I know, I know, defensive mama here. He does love to make a joke, make people laugh, and have fun. I asked if he was just squatting to potty outside. He squats really low with his bottom to the back of his knees. No, that wasn't it. I did find out that he saw the teacher ask a little girl to pull up her pants that were drooping down while exercising. I think that's what spurred it. He didn't seem to realize he was in trouble and was just sitting there in her office playing with a book. I just told them that I hadn't ever seen him do this and we don't usually go around mooning people at our house (only on odd number days of months ending in "R").

I was a little frustrated at first. I don't want him to be in trouble. I certainly don't want him to be in trouble at school because I want it to be a good experience for him; something he will enjoy.

While driving home from school, I was thinking about it, and you know, sometimes you just have to have a good laugh.

Sometimes, I do feel badly for Jake as he knows he has done something wrong from the tone of my voice or the look on my face, and yet, he doesn't really understand what it was he did or why it was wrong. Again, something that a non-existent language barrier wouldn't cure. Many things are still new to him and does like seeing how things work, so I guess pulling things out of the VCR or untangling and replugging the Wii, or "feeding" the fish isn't a big deal. Besides, Eric's fish pond never looked so clear and clean.....like a babbling brook with floating fish!


I child-proofed the house, but.......

My mom bought this little sign for me. Funny, right? She forgot that my Mother's Day card to her said the same thing. Even funnier, definitely. This sign is certainly ironic considering yesterday while I was pulling a stuck VHS tape out that Jake put in the wrong way and trying to piece the Wii cords back together in the right places that guess who pulled out, Jake was in the pantry where I have a game/toy/crafts shelving unit. He was happily pulling everything off the shelf after opening boxes to exam all the parts it came with. A huge mess ensued. This was after the other two came home from school and, frankly, I was tired. I offered Allyson a dollar if she "helped" Jake put the pantry back together (we're trying to teach him how to clean up). The dollar gave her some incentive to clean up a huge mess she didn't do and it gave me a small percentage of my sanity back. After that, Allyson and I moved to plan B: put Jake in the bath tub to play with his toys for a while. At least he's in one place and it's only water to clean up!

I know circumcising is one of those controversial subjects (especially in the adoption community) like politics and religion. But, heck, it's my blog and I'll blog if I want to. We had a visit with a urologist regarding the circumcision. We needed to visit anyway to get things checked out. Back in China, when I bathed Jake the first time, I told Eric that I thought he had a hernia. However, I haven't been in the nursing field for so many years that it was just a thought. We visited our pediatrician as soon as we got back and I expressed my concern. I never did specifically say, "Does he have a hernia?". Anyway, the pediatrician said everything looked just fine.

Fast forward to Thursday, the urologist says he does indeed have a hernia that he has had since birth. Very common, nothing to worry about, but something that needs to be addressed at some point. So we are still mulling over the exact "when" of scheduling surgery for the hernia repair and the circumcision. We are going to give him a little more time to adjust and have some summer fun before we do it. Just wondering why my pediatrician who I really like, didn't tell me? HUH? As we were leaving the hospital, I noticed the coffee shop had a goji berry green tea drink. Jake is from Ningxia, the largest exporter of the goji berry. They're everywhere in Ningxia so I found it interesting to see this drink here. Of course, I purchased one of those over-priced little suckers and Jake sucked it down in no time flat! I only had a sip, but it was pretty tasty!


Shui! Water!!!!!

Finally! We have a new pool liner installed and a pool filled with water. Too bad it's 54 degrees and rainy! Maybe summer will come eventually.

Jake thought the Junta Kacha was really cool!

Just had to tell you all something Jake did that's super cute. We went to lunch with Baba. Oddly, I get more calls for a lunch date with my husband now that Jake is home. I'd like to think it's cause he wants to see my purrrtty face, but who am I kidding here. Baba likes to hang out with Jake the Snake! Anyway, Jake was sitting next to Baba, his favorite person in all the world. He leaned over and whispered into Eric's ear, "You're my boy!". How cute is that! Obviously, Jake's heard, "You're my boy!" before.


Wordless Wednesday

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Go San San!

Eric was in the backyard playing soccer with the boys. Jake kicked the ball really well, and Eric said, "Good job, Jake!". Jake replied with, "Go San San! It's your birthday! Go San San! It's your birthday!". (San San is his Chinese nickname. He never calls himself Jake)

Apparently his English is coming along!

In other Denice the Menace News, I mean Jake News, he killed off all the fish in the koi pond. Let's just say he fed them something he shouldn't have. Didn't I tell you all, way back in China, that I found the Asian Denice the Menace? It's a good thing he's cute!


Happy Belated Mother's Day to All!

Yesterday, we went out to eat after church for Mother's Day (with every other mom in America). My kiddos got to have a triple dose of mom as we were joined by my mom (Grammy-NiNi) and Eric's mom (Omi-NiNi). Oh, the showers of attention! BTW, anyone stay home for Mother's Day? If so, did you cook or did the guys? Always curious to hear how other's spend their day!

Dear Mom and Omi, Thanks for everything you both do for all of us! We love you both. Happy Mother's Day!
Yes, I occasionally dress the boys in matching shirts. Grant hasn't said anything, but I know it won't be long so I'm taking advantage of the time he doesn't really care.

Jake was caught in the kitchen with the redi-whip and his FULL bowl!

Just like Baba!

Awww...that's just darn cute! If I do say so myself!

Disclaimer: Ally didn't make it into pictures this morning. She stayed at her friends' house and met us at church. Didn't want ya'll to think she was neglected. We were too hungry after church to care! HA!

On Sunday afternoon, we tried skyping with Sarah and her mom from Winding Vines. Sarah speaks Mandarin and English fluently and offered to skype with Jake. I was hoping he would chat away with her and tell her one of his many stories, and I was also hoping to hear maybe a bit of what he is thinking. BUT........ Jake decided he did not want to speak. Sarah asked him his name, and he wouldn't answer. She asked him what his favorite thing was to eat......NADA! Sarah's mom mentioned that frequently in children adopted this age, they have a time when they do not want to converse with another Chinese person. It was worth a try. Heck, I enjoyed talking with these two lovely ladies. Sarah is such a sweetheart and such a beautiful girl! I've enjoyed following their blog. Debbi was very helpful with hints and tips before Jake came home. Just another example of how close-knit the adoption community can be. So glad I am a part of this great community of people! Thank you Sarah and Debbi! I sincerely appreciate it!


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